Salted Sorkin Strips

I have a new idea for any entrepreneur that specializes in venison. A great way to market your product would be to name it for one of the most asinine liberals in Hollywood: Aaron Sorkin. Granted, I never did watch “The Left West Wing”. It was far too left-leaning to entice me to watch, but even then, I don’t watch a whole lot of TV serials these days. It takes too much of a commitment and I’m just not that interested in what Hollywood has to say on a weekly basis.

Think about it: Salted Sorkin Strips. It could be the next thing to hang in the grocery aisles next to beef jerky. Only it would be caribou, moose, elk or any other hunted animal that sustains the hunting community across our vast country. In Texas, I’ve had excellent venison stew, venison sausage and venison steaks – all supplied by hunters and sportsmen who had experienced good fortune during the hunting season. I don’t know anyone that hunts for a mere trophy. They all recognize the importance of “game” as that which is harvested and eaten.

If not, Hollywood needs to recall some of its vaunted icons, such as Robert Redford in “Jeremiah Johnson”, Richard Harris in “A Man Called Horse” or “Man in the Wilderness”. They all hunted game for food, although they were denied the culinary delights of a Hollywood chef, relegated instead to a spit and an open fire. What about Francis Ford Coppola, who used a severed horse head to advance his script in “The Godfather”? Was Khartoum a mere stand-in, or was the horse head real? How dare the producers suggest the beheading of a helpless animal for cheap entertainment.

So, it’s time for Aaron Sorkin to put his money where his mouth is. Underwrite a entrepreneur that’s willing to put your name on something that could benefit many more than the handful of people that profit from your Hollywood productions. Who knows, maybe there’s a market for such a product in Haiti, of all places. I’d be willing to bet that Sarah Palin would help distribute such a product, if she knew it was edible and not “made in Hollywood”.

Full disclosure needed

I’m starting to get a very uneasy feeling. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was feeling uneasy before the mid-term elections, but now it’s different. Why is it that every single time a news network shows a clip of Obama speaking, he’s (presumably) standing before a teleprompter? And every single time he’s not (presumably) standing before a teleprompter, he’s sitting in a chair talking to someone from the LSM’s news magazines or early shows, with the lighting maximized for dramatic effect?

I think we need to demand a new disclosure requirement for all Obama’s “interviews” and “speeches”. There should be a requirement that, below the presented video of his speech or interview, a rolling disclaimer says something along the lines of: “The President is currently delivering his speech via teleprompter” or “This interview is being conducted after providing the President with all questions in advance. This tape has been edited to enable the President to provide clarity to his answers, eliminating any excess verbiage which does not conform to the context of his intended answer”.

After all, we know that this guy is hell-bent on destroying the country as we know it, right?. Why not provide a little bit of context to let the viewer know that he is delivering a prepared speech that was written by lawyers. His teleprompter speeches are obviously designed to say one thing and mean another, providing him with rhetorical cover if anyone should ask him about it later. The interviews seldom show unscripted moments unless those moments are benign interludes that highlight his “human side”. What about all the tape on the editing room floor, figuratively speaking of course? You know there has to be plenty of “gotcha” moments available that are dispensed to the trash bin, by agreement with Obama, of course.

The very least that an interviewer could do is say that 30 minutes of tape were edited down to 5 minutes. Who knows, maybe we should enlist the Wikileaks guys to sweeten the pot for all those digital editors employed by the LSM. I’d love to see candid video of President Obama in an unscripted moment. Wouldn’t you?

He bleeds!

The messiah bleeds! President Obama sported stitches as evidence that he is only human after taking an elbow during a pickup basketball game. Sources tell me that he has quietly petitioned the Pentagon to consider offering him a Purple Heart, since, after all, he is the Commander in Chief. As far as who would pin him with the medal, that is up to speculation at this point. Word is that Hillary Clinton was mentioned for the task, but the Secret Service feared she might try to hammer it in with her fist. An additional rumor swirling around the White House was that Obama was heard asking his staff if they thought the stitches made his lower lip look fat. Their universal response was “no, it was already fat.”