The bigger megaphone…

I would like to think that I can effect change with my blog and show. I will accept a small measure of success by knowing that more people than last week visited my blog site or listened to my show. I have a small megaphone called the Internet. It’s available to anyone and I’m just trying to use it in a way to maximize my influence.

I don’t have a history of conservative accomplishment, outside of my vote. I’ve been more interested in building a life for my wife and kids. My focus has only recently shifted to a higher calling. I’m only now attempting to lend my voice to the current debate and I’m working hard to catch up.

I have never held public office, interested instead in building my own fortune, however meager it may end up being. The bottom line is this: I did what I did to advance my place in life, doing so on my own terms and at my own pace. Unfortunately, that pace has now slowed to a crawl at no fault of my own. Continue reading

In the aftermath of a blockbuster Sunday show…

As I reflect back on the show from yesterday, I want to let you know what happened during the show and provide my observations of the aftermath. I have to tell you, it is absolutely maddening when something doesn’t go right during a live broadcast, which happened at the start of the show. Of all days to experience an issue, yesterday was not the day I wanted to deal with Murphy’s Law!

As I started the show and began my monologue, I could hear a repeat of what I was saying that followed with a ~10 second delay. At first, I worried that this feedback was being broadcast. I then reasoned that it couldn’t be, because my call-screener was not alerting me to anything wrong. Continue reading

Waiting for Sarah Palin

Monologue from today’s The Roderic Deane Show:

Sarah Palin told us all to keep our powder dry. Who on earth says that?

Well, no commander would tell their troops to keep their powder dry if he (or she) wasn’t intending to use that ammunition for a specific purpose. Despite our best intentions, we do not know what the commander’s plan is, nor should we. If we did, we could subject it to ruin.

Do you remember hearing about one of the public maxims during WWII? “Loose lips sink ships!” This was a reminder to everyone that they, too, had a responsibility for maintaining our security during the war. Such is the reason we trust in our commanders. Continue reading

Blockbuster show on Sunday!

I’ve wanted to focus on what people are doing as we wait for the dust to settle from the GOP debates and before Sarah Palin announces her intentions. I decided to reach out to the Palin blogosphere and elsewhere to help me with my show.

Here is the line-up for this Sunday’s “The Roderic Deane Show”, airing at 11am CT, noon ET:

Hour 1: Peter Singleton, Co-Coordinator of O4P (Organize4Palin) in Iowa;
Ron Devito, “US4Palin” blogger and Coordinator of the NY Chapter of Organize4Palin (NY4Palin)

Hour 2: Adrienne Ross, “MotivationTruth” blogger and major contributor to the C4P (Conservatives4Palin) website;
Stephen K. Bannon, Producer and Director of the Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated“;
O.P. Ditch, “Vets4Sarah” organizer and major participant in the Maryland chapter of O4P

I’m really looking forward to the show and I hope you are too!

Major hat tip to: Nicole Coulter, for helping me gain introductions to so many folks.

A funny thing happened on the way to 2012

If you’re at all like me, you’re starting to get antsy about the 2012 election. The economy seems to be going nowhere, jobs are not being created and our officials in Washington are mindlessly playing cat and mouse games, or, as Rush calls it, “Chess”. The better question is: Who is the cat and who is the mouse? I tend to think that Washington in general seems to think they are the cat and we, their constituents, are the mouse.

Au contraire! (That’s vichy-speak for “on the contrary”.) I see things differently. I see Washington as the mouse and all of us conservative, Tea Party types as the cat. We’re just waiting for the opportunity to pounce, but alas, we have to wait until next year.

Or do we?

What should we make of the current GOP field? What should we make of the spectacle of debate so far? In a word: NOTHING! The current GOP field is wasting its powder in a comical, yet tragic, circular firing squad. They just can’t seem to rise above the politics of the establishment’s nomination process. Further, they just can’t seem to distinguish themselves to the electorate (us) in a meaningful way. How sad….

As we watch this tragedy of the absurd, we hear the pundits in Washington suggest that more fodder is needed for the cannons of mediocrity. If I were a potential candidate thinking of getting into the race, I’d take pause before jumping in right now. Why participate in a circular firing squad? Why not wait until the smoke has cleared and you can see who has survived the month of September?

No, in my book, this is a waiting game. Although it’s always been a game of “last man standing”, it doesn’t have to be. The person who defines the game in his (or her) own terms can win. It just takes a steel spine to believe in your tactics. It also takes an ability to convince your troops to keep their powder dry.

Sarah Palin is playing the most significant cat and mouse game in our collective memory. While extolling her troops to keep their powder dry, she has served up a magnificent feast of issues that resonate across recent history. With her Iowa Tea Party speech, she turned the popular narrative to a discussion about the perils of corporate, crony-capitalism. Those perils are unfolding before our eyes as we learn about Gardasil, Solyndra and, most recently, LightSquared.

Nope, it appears that Sarah Palin has hit the nail on the head. The current field of GOP candidates is well-advised to follow her lead, or, of course, they can continue to blaze away in their current circular firing squad.

This reminds me of a play, only this time, the title should be “A funny thing happened on the way to 2012!”

Crony-Capitalism comes front and center

What follows is the monologue from today’s The Roderic Deane Show.

Well, well, well. It seems that Sarah Palin was prescient in her Iowa Tea Party speech a few weeks ago. All the news since then seems to be centered around crony capitalism. For the record, I suggested in a blog post immediately after her speech that I would not be surprised if Sarah’s speech became a topic of conversation amongst the other candidates. I wrote:

Sarah’s speech is going to have a profound impact on the current Republican candidates. It will be VERY interesting to see if any of them attempt to co-opt her ideas.

On my show the following day, I said this:

In a absolutely stunning idea, Sarah Palin proposed eliminating ALL corporate income tax, thereby removing the incentive behind crony-capitalism. I have no doubt that this will be scrutinized intensely on today’s Sunday news shows and well into next week, as it should be.

Well, I was wrong on one count. The conversation has lasted far more than one week. In fact, it played a big role in the Republican debate in Atlanta last Tuesday night. Of course, the main target was Rick Perry due to his front-runner status, but the topic of crony-capitalism has now come front and center. It has been the focus of debate on countless news programs and rightly so.
Continue reading

What might a Palin executive branch look like?

We dwell on the candidate, but we need to look at her substance and history to discern a look at a Palin Executive branch.

What might it look like?

State – Sarah is a major advocate of Israel, as all freedom-loving Americans are. I would put John Bolton on the short list. His style and outspoken personality is a perfect fit for Sarah.

Defense – Sarah has always been a major supporter of our military. So, who would be the perfect person to champion Sarah’s belief in American exceptionalism and a strong military? David Patraeus, hands down.

Energy – Fuggetaboutit! I believe that Sarah will defund and dismantle this department.

Education – Major re-structuring will ensue. I’m not sure if Sarah will eliminate the department. She might pare it back to allow the states time to transition to a state governance. At any rate, the NEA is toast! Most likely candidate: Newt Gingrich.

Commerce – I can think of only one person that would be the absolute best to revamp this department: Herman Cain.

Agriculture – Fuggetaboutit. This department needs to be eliminated. We are not longer an agrarian society. We need someone who understands the importance of “hands-off” governance of our farm system. I would nominate Mitch Daniels.

Homeland Security – Toast! It now falls under the Department of Defense.

Health and Human Services – Fuggetaboutit! This department needs to be eliminated. I would propose a new department, Domestic Services. Someone needs to monitor the FDA and other branches of government that provide oversight to everything that affects ALL citizens of the United States. I would propose Rick Santorum.

Transportation – Hmmm, how should the federal government manage transportation in this country? In my mind, this department should be a committee of state representatives to coordinate issues that affect cross-state transportation. My nominee? Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Company.

Veterans’ Affairs – Gone! This needs to be a sub-group of Defense.

Treasury – I saved the best for last. Who would be the best candidate that Sarah Palin could nominate for this position? This position is the most important to effect any measure of a market-based economy. My choice? Arthur Laffer. He can turn the Treasury Department upside down and replace all the Keynesians with free-market advocates. Once done, he can return to academia and give the reins of his office to me. I will gladly follow his principles.

Okay, that’s it. What do you think?

Help wanted, incumbents need not apply

Looking for a conservative candidate that can espouse and demonstrate an understanding of the United States Constitution. This candidate must have a very strong history of adhering to ethics and show a willingness to challenge the status quo, despite the consequences. Any past, negative media campaigns that were initiated to undermine this candidate’s conservative, constitutional governing style will be considered a plus in this candidate’s application.

A keen sense of fiscal restraint and cost-cutting abilities are a must. The candidate must also have executive experience at running a large organization. Candidates should also have a proven ability to attract and employ conservative subordinates who will also conform to the guiding principles of the United States Constitution.

This candidate must demonstrate an ability to “think outside the box”, challenging conventional wisdom with regards to established, mainstream political thought and opinion. A proven ability to develop bi-partisan legislative majorities is a needed requirement for this position.

This candidate should submit their application in such a way that ensures their inclusion as a balloted candidate in all state’s nominating elections. The successful navigation of this nominating process will be tantamount for consideration of this position.

Incumbents need not apply. Candidates would be well-advised to submit their application with a first name listed as “Sarah”.