Gene’s Nickle: Thoughts on the First Nickle

5 November, 2012
I wrote my first Nickle on January 5th, 2009. In that nickle I posited the notion that the reason that Barack Obama became president is because a significant number of Conservatives couldn’t bring themselves to vote for the Moderate, John McCain.
Many things I have read or listened to over the past three and a half years have cemented that opinion.
Conservatives decided that John McCain was not conservative enough, I agreed then and now. Additionally, many Conservatives sat home because they thought they could teach the rest of America a lesson if we let a Liberal president run amok for a term.
Unfortunately, they were more right than we as a nation needed to know, because run amok President Obama has.
He has foisted the initial seductive tendrils of Universal Healthcare upon us; the same model that is fiscally crippling several European nations.
He has implemented an Automotive Bailout that subsumed a world-leading automobile manufacturer, fired their CEO, and ravaged the pensions of non-union employees, while ensuring that the pensions of Organized Labor were protected.
He has submitted three budgets to the Senate. Not one budget has received a single affirmative vote.
He has been content to fund our government with Continuing Resolutions that never address the financial mess we are in. They only increase the number of Americans that are dependent on the Federal Government and increase the debt that we are passing on to our children and grand-children.
He has encouraged the Federal Reserve to print vast sums of money, known as Quantitative Easing, thereby lowering the value of our currency and disillusioning our creditors.
He has stumbled with an incoherent Foreign Policy that has endangered Americans abroad and threatens to compromise our sovereignty.
He has insulted several of our long-standing European allies as well as our only ally in the Middle East, Israel. Conversely, he has embraced dictators and emboldened al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations
He has refused to acknowledge that these organizations are at war with us, as evidenced by the assassination of a US Ambassador and three other American citizens.
He has abused the practice of issuing Executive Orders to circumvent Congress and ignore the concept of the Separation of Powers provided for in our Constitution.
He has set about transforming this great nation from the world power with a dynamic economy into a second-rate power with crushing unemployment.
He has damned near succeeded!
Most of us are familiar with the quote from Edmund Burke:
        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
The last three and a half years have shown America the wisdom of these words. Tuesday, November 6th, is the time for good Americans to step forward and right the wrong of four years ago. We need to send Barack Obama back to Chicago. So, get out and VOTE!
That’s my nickle
Gene Brown