Gene’s Nickle: Time for Ice Cream

12 November, 2012

In order to assuage my near desolation brought on by the election, I decided to purchase a carton of Butter Brickle ice cream.  As I was checking out, the cashier bemoaned the fact that the hands on the clock had seemed to stop.

I have a reputation, rightly deserved, for enjoying teasing.  So in my best faux-empathy voice, I said, “Wow, you will be here allllll night.”

Her shoulders sagged, and the practiced professional smile evaporated.  The customer behind me was unloading her cart but came to the cashier’s defense and said something about me being mean.  Now it was two against one.   SWEET!

So, I dropped one of my favorite lines into the discussion, rather like a mortar round.  “Well, the good news is, it is almost Christmas.”

The customer froze, bent over her cart with a head of lettuce in her hand.  The cashier’s hand, with my ice cream, hung suspended in mid scan.  It appeared that neither one had quite gotten over Halloween yet.

Before I could relish their stunned expressions, the lady with the lettuce said, “I’ll bet you voted for Obama, too.”

I was pricked to my core.  There is a definite line between teasing and downright cruelty, and unbeknownst to this lady, she had crossed it.  I maintained a manly smile while I beat a hasty retreat in search of a spoon.

This election, 8 million citizens realized the error they made in the election of 2008 and did not vote for Barack Obama.  After witnessing his three year display of ineptitude, that reaction is completely understandable.

What is mystifying is that Mitt Romney could not convince even half of those folks to support his campaign.  To add insult to injury, he received roughly 3 million fewer votes than John McCain.  Over 10 million citizens sat on their hands.

Ten million Americans who didn’t like either candidate (I can see that), wouldn’t support the candidate they lost to in the primary (I don’t understand that), or didn’t think that the challenger was at least as competent as the incumbent (that is completely illogical).

There is also a growing body of thought that the bulk of Obama’s support came from those Americans who are receiving “free stuff” from the government, the “Santa Claus Factor.”

After watching my children, grand-children, and other folk’s children demand “me do it” for even the simplest task, I am of the opinion that Independence is an inborn trait.  As our children age, their demands for learning to ride a bike or drive the car usually become more strident.

I wonder what happens to an individual to cause them to forgo that independence in favor of a handout from the government.  The obvious result is a people incapable of fending for itself, and that’s enough to make a man buy another quart of Butter Brickle.

That’s my nickle

Gene Brown