Rallying Cry or The Day We Died?

It’s taken me quite a while to digest yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare and I must admit that I still have indigestion. Try as I might, I am sorely troubled on so many different levels.

Last night, I had a talk with my 19 year-old son about the ruling after watching the Hannity Show. As you might imagine, he had no idea what had happened earlier in the day, which is a separate concern. Nonetheless, I explained the gist of the ruling to him and why it should and does matter. Even though he nodded in agreement with what I was saying, how do you convey to a teenager the absolute urgency that comes with this November’s election? While I know that we must vote with our future liberty in mind, to a teenager, that idea is an abstraction.

The slow creep of socialism and the subsequent, incremental losses of liberty seem hard to fathom if you don’t have the proper historical perspective. Sadly, too many Americans have been deprived of the knowledge of our exceptional history through either wanton indifference or a failed educational system that de-emphasizes that history….on purpose!

How can ANYONE that calls themselves an American accept the appalling consequence of one man’s interpretation of the United States Constitution that is so flagrantly wrong and so disastrously consequential? Chief Justice John Roberts’ interpretation of the individual mandate’s penalty provision as a tax is a seismic shift in the spirit of our Constitution and bastardizes its meaning. If the Chief Justice was interested in creating a legacy for himself, he has succeeded mightily. I can only hope that future generations of Americans will develop the tradition of spitting on his grave.

Now we are left with a final option called an election. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a Republican White House, Senate and House of Representatives will actually overturn Obamacare, despite current assurances that they will. After all, we never dreamed that Chief Justice Roberts would rule the way he did either, did we?

What will this day look like upon 50 years’ reflection? Upon 100 years’ reflection? Will it have represented a rallying cry to a freedom-loving citizenry that turned back the march of socialism in our country, or will it represent the day we died as the world’s most exceptional nation in the history of mankind? I guess we’ll know by who’s graves are spat upon.

Governor Palin said it best via Twitter:

Obama lied to the American people. Again. He said it wasn’t a tax. Obama lies; freedom dies.

(Special note. I’m don’t really advocate spitting on anyone’s grave. It’s merely a metaphor.)

  • http://www.meetup.com/New-York-City-Indie-Republicans/ Perseus Wong

    Our nation was born in revolt to the taxes imposed on us by our former-British overlords. Could the founding fathers have imagined that an evil breed of ‘Americans’ centuries later would succeed where King George could not? Subjugate us without firing a single shot. The idea that bureaucrats can now put what is effectively a permanent tax lien (aka Mandate) on your very body and existence exceeds the machinations of every tyrant in history. Not even the Stamp Act of 1765 and other Intolerable Acts can match this audacious and open assault on human liberty.

    In a representative Republic, the highest office is not the President, Congress and Supreme Court, it’s the Citizen. The Preamble of the Constitution makes this clear. We have no cause to despair, doubt and resign ourselves to an unjust ruling.

    History is on our side.
    Make November 6th, 2012 …the new 4th of July.