Romney’s Big Fail: ORCA

Stacy McCain has a great roundup of what now appears to be a major reason the Romney campaign failed to get out the vote on Election Day.

Back home this evening after a 12-day road trip to Ohio, I’m perusing accounts of how the Romney campaign recruited 37,00 volunteers to participate in its ORCA project to monitor Election Day turnout, a project that turned out to be a spectacular failure of epic proportions. The name that keeps coming up in these accounts is Dan Centinello, deputy political director for the Romney campaign:

Centinello was quoted in The Huffington Post on Nov. 1 touting ORCA to volunteers in these grandiose terms: “There’s nothing that the Obama data team, there’s nothing that the Obama campaign, there’s nothing that President Obama himself can do to even come close to what we are putting together here.”

Stacy has multiple source links in his post and you can read the whole thing at the above link.

There’s a reason I’ve been touting rVotes in this blog and on my show. It was designed by the very same gentleman that designed the system Obama and the Democrats use. The kicker is: he knows what their system does and has improved upon it with rVotes. Moreover, rVotes is designed for center-right voting constituencies.

Unfortunately, rVotes forces these idiot consultants to give up control of GOTV efforts, relying instead on grassroots efforts. I put together a website in Texas to help promote rVotes. It’s now long past due for wrestling control of the GOP from the East Coast elites. They’ve doomed us to another 4 years of Obama!


Per Mike Flynn at “The Romney campaign spent 10s of million of dollars developing a GOTV program that simply failed on election day.”

We’re struggling to come up with $150K to deploy rVotes in Texas when the GOPe is willing to waste all that money on something untested and grossly inferior? rVotes is already deployed in Ohio, but Romney chose to ignore it? Idiots!

  • 13flyboy

    When You stuff Ballot Box What the Hell do You Get , Cheated all States requiring ID went to Romney ?

    • Sarah Palin News

      Agreed. The bigger problem was voter fraud and the hundreds of thousands of military votes that didn’t get counted. Obama’s defense department suppressed the military vote and then delayed their votes that were actually cast.

      This election was stolen, and the GOP needs to call it for what it is and demand an investigation and a recount.

      • Roderic Deane