Stop Brett Kimberlin!

I wasn’t alerted to the depth of this story until I read about it at The Other McCain a few days ago and after reading about it in a William Jacobson post at his Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion blog. However surreal this appears to be, it demonstrates the lengths that the leftists in this country will go to silence conservative voices on the blogosphere and elsewhere.

Whether it be Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or others, there is a coordinated effort to stifle free speech in this country. Organizations like Media Matters suck up donations from the likes of George Soros and, through connections in the White House, coordinate smears and attacks on their opposition. Lesser organizations also receive donations from George Soros’ Tides Foundation and fellow liberals like Barbara Streisand, but their mission is the same: destroy conservatives on radio, the Internet and in the mainstream media to promote their leftist agenda.

This is a HUGE issue, as some of the best reporting on conservative issues has come from dedicated bloggers who have demonstrated the ability to objectively source a story and present a narrative that the mainstream media is no longer interested in. Conservative bloggers are now performing the function previously reserved for the mainstream media: telling the truth! As a result, they come under attack by the underworld of extreme, left-wing operatives.

I posted this video earlier this week, but I’m going to post it again:

Brett Kimberlin is a convicted felon and the notorious “Speedway Bomber” that wormed his way into the extreme, leftist network as a welcome addition. He is a celebrated “activist” that might receive adulation from Chicago thug politicians as an underground mercenary like Bill Ayers, willing to do their dirty work. He continues to push forward with his underground activities by virtue of tax-exempt, charitable trusts in which he’s involved.

I have followed Stacy McCain since the moment I first started blogging. Although I don’t agree with everything he says or posts, he’s an icon in the conservative blogosphere and he needs our support.

If enough conservative bloggers draw attention to this Kimberlin creep, we can send a powerful message: you might be able to bully one of us, but you can’t bully or intimidate all of us!

Nothing I’ve said above is conjecture. It is ALL documented and archived by one of Kimberlin’s present targets, the writer at Allergic to Bull, who dared help a friend at odds with Brett Kimberlin.