Time For a Third Party?

Yeah, I know, there’s already other parties out there as alternatives to the Democrats and Republicans, but I’m talking about a REAL 3rd party. One that inspires and supports conservatives in this country. You know, those conservatives that far out-number the left wing of the Democrats and Bush moderates of the Republicans.

The GOPe did its best to marginalize the Tea Party at this year’s Republican Convention. By doing so, they pretty much guaranteed that the Tea Party would be forced to look at other venues to support strong, conservative candidates. They also did whatever they could to undermine strong conservatives running in the election, including Alan West in Florida and Richard Mourdock in Indiana. They pushed Alan West into a weaker position through redistricting and allowed Richard Lugar to withhold his support of Mourdock. So much for party unity. I could go on and on, but the truth of the matter is that the Tea Party put good candidates on the ticket and won some significant races.

Now that the Romney camp has been cast out into the wilderness, the finger-pointing has begun amongst the Romney staffers. Who in their right mind would ever recruit or enlist one of these bozos in the future? I’m sorry to say that the GOPe will follow the same path in the future, guaranteed! The back-scratching and cronyism prevalent in the GOPe ranks will never learn because they are just as addicted to power as the left-wing, Democratic Party.

No, what this country needs is a party that fearlessly promotes conservative values and a conviction to our constitutional principles. As Rush Limbaugh likes to say, “Conservatism works every time it’s tried!” Conservatism IS the big tent and helps pave the way for every single citizen’s success and freedom. Conservatives believe in protecting property rights and promoting a limited government’s intrusion into our lives. They strongly believe in an individual’s God-given liberty and a strong, national defense to secure those liberties.

These beliefs are given lip-service in today’s Republican Party. While the GOPe promoted Mitt Romney as a conservative, they squashed the influence of the Tea Party to promote conservative principles within the party’s platform. In essence, they bit the hand that fed them principled, conservative candidates like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake and Deb Fischer. Those conservative voices will still be in the Senate when the GOPe begins to push its 2016 nominee.

I believe that a strong, conservative 3rd party can add to those numbers in 2014 and beyond, paving the way for a renewal of our constitutional principles and dedicated to equal OPPORTUNITY for all. The question becomes: Who will lead the charge?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joy.brower2 Joy Daniels Brower

    Love it, Roderic! I’ve been thinking along these same lines for the past year or so, after the euphoria of 2010 wore off – and the GOPe started its cohabitation with Team Romney, unnecessarily dissing & ignoring the Conservative base and culminating in the total slap-in-the-face at the Convention (although some “Tea Partiers” were allowed to speak)! The have certainly reaped the fruit of the seeds they so foolishly sowed!
    I’m still not sure if we should try to wrestle power AWAY from the GOPe OR just make a clean break altogether? In the first instance, it might get pretty ugly and leave scars that would blot our cause for years to come. OTOH, a third party might just not have the numbers – and we’d be handing victory to the well-organized and hungry-for-power dirty Dems! Whadda predicament!
    So, who do you suppose will gain the nod of this ghastly group of GOP elites? I’m guessing it just might be Marco Rubio – and he’d be a formidable opponent for any Conservative (although the state-run media would do its best smear number on him, to be sure!). After all, if it can wreck havoc on squeaky-clean Romney, think what it could do to Rubio and the mixed messages of his parents’ escape? or emigration? from Cuba!
    But I think the appeal of a Conservative Party – with a wide range of issues & candidates – would be far more successful that the Libertarian Party, ’cause its foreign policy & national security objectives, e.g., are much more in sync with the GOP than are those of the LP.
    Frankly, I think Palin would be THE perfect person around whom Conservatives would happily & comfortably coalesce. And even if the Presidency is beyond her grasp in the early years of the campaign for a “new” (Conservative) party, she would gain enormous bona fides as the moral and spiritual leader/founder of this vital movement. THAT could well be the TRUE calling of her political life. I’d be happy to see her succeed in such a venture – even if it meant foregoing the Presidency in the near- or long-term.