Gene’s Nickle: Vote the Way We Live

(Guest submission by Gene Brown)

America is much more Conservative than we are Liberal.

According to a Gallup article by Lydia Saad, of January 12, 2012; “Conservatives Remain the Largest Ideological Group in US.”

This doesn’t really come as a surprise to me, conservative positions may not always give way to kind and gentle feelings, but they do prevail when thought through.

Conservatives recognize that life is not fair, and they believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity. Liberals created Affirmative Action in their belief that government should compensate for life’s unfairness and guarantee unequal applicants equal outcomes.
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Observations from a Texas primary

Something just struck me as I reviewed the latest numbers from the Texas GOP primary for the U.S. Senate. I broke out the results between early voting and actual election day. As I suspected was happening, Ted Cruz saw a HUGE surge of support leading into yesterday’s primary voting. Keep in mind that this surge of support occurred despite the deluge of negative adds from the Dewhurst campaign over the Memorial Day weekend.

Election results from Texas Secretary of State

Professor William Jacobson at Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion asks the question, “So, how does Cruz win?” I think the answer is fairly simple: He picks up support from the other, non-Dewhurst candidates. If they didn’t vote for Dewhurst before, they surely won’t vote for him in a run-off.

Texas GOP Primary Results

The polls closed at 7pm Central time, 8pm Eastern time. I’ll provide updates on the GOP Senate race as election returns become available from the Texas Secretary of State. All updates are Central time. The key to this race is keeping Dewhurst under 50%. That will trigger a run-off at the end of July, between Dewhurst and Cruz.

9:12:47 PM
This is my last update. This election is destined for a run-off. To see updated election results, you can go here: Texas Secretary of State Election Results

Precincts 1,740 19.82% (8,779 Total)
Dewhurst 311,282 46.79%
Cruz 203,273 30.55%
Others (7) 150,783 22.66%

Total 665,338

9:02:47 PM
Precincts 1,363 15.53% (8,779 Total)
Dewhurst 291,932 46.85%
Cruz 187,880 30.15%
Others (7) 143,316 23.00%

Total 623,128

This is looking like it WILL go to a run-off, which is a huge win for Ted Cruz.
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In honor…

My dad went to Germany in WWII. My stepdad went to Germany in WWII. That entire generation was willing to go to Germany in WWII and everyone that could, did…

Today, those that can don’t. Granted, they don’t have to, but what about those that do?

Those that do are privileged to stand along side those who did. Whether it be WWII, the Korean War or the Vietnam War. They all stand together.

I can’t talk about my father’s sacrifice or anyone else that has ever stepped up to duty without getting emotional. I’m in awe….

Today, of all days, we honor those that served and gave their life in doing so. Their service honors all of us and that is fitting. For me, I think about what might have been. If my father had not come home, I would not be writing this post, because I would not exist.

Because of my father’s sacrifice, my son will be able to carry on in whatever so moves him.

My father died when I was 16 years-old, over 30 years ago. I was way too young to appreciate all that he did for me…and you. I miss him to this day and look forward to seeing him again in paradise.

Honor your father today. Whether they served or not, they DID sacrifice for you.

The tip of malice…

All things told, it’s very hard to understand the ruthlessness of the left and how they are willing to cast aside all semblance of reason to enact their ideology. As citizens, we see it so often we’ve become immune to it. We dismiss it with an “oh well”, without fully understanding the depth of their resolve. Any argument against it is deemed “laughable” on its face by our vaunted, mainstream media. Such is the tribulation of the (so-called) right-wing blogosphere.

We are just now learning about the lengths to which the left will go to silence its opposition. Today is “Everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin” day and represents an unprecedented solidarity among right-leaning bloggers in saying “enough is enough”.
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Stop Brett Kimberlin!

I wasn’t alerted to the depth of this story until I read about it at The Other McCain a few days ago and after reading about it in a William Jacobson post at his Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion blog. However surreal this appears to be, it demonstrates the lengths that the leftists in this country will go to silence conservative voices on the blogosphere and elsewhere.

Whether it be Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or others, there is a coordinated effort to stifle free speech in this country. Organizations like Media Matters suck up donations from the likes of George Soros and, through connections in the White House, coordinate smears and attacks on their opposition. Lesser organizations also receive donations from George Soros’ Tides Foundation and fellow liberals like Barbara Streisand, but their mission is the same: destroy conservatives on radio, the Internet and in the mainstream media to promote their leftist agenda.

This is a HUGE issue, as some of the best reporting on conservative issues has come from dedicated bloggers who have demonstrated the ability to objectively source a story and present a narrative that the mainstream media is no longer interested in. Conservative bloggers are now performing the function previously reserved for the mainstream media: telling the truth! As a result, they come under attack by the underworld of extreme, left-wing operatives.

I posted this video earlier this week, but I’m going to post it again:

Brett Kimberlin is a convicted felon and the notorious “Speedway Bomber” that wormed his way into the extreme, leftist network as a welcome addition. He is a celebrated “activist” that might receive adulation from Chicago thug politicians as an underground mercenary like Bill Ayers, willing to do their dirty work. He continues to push forward with his underground activities by virtue of tax-exempt, charitable trusts in which he’s involved.

I have followed Stacy McCain since the moment I first started blogging. Although I don’t agree with everything he says or posts, he’s an icon in the conservative blogosphere and he needs our support.

If enough conservative bloggers draw attention to this Kimberlin creep, we can send a powerful message: you might be able to bully one of us, but you can’t bully or intimidate all of us!

Nothing I’ve said above is conjecture. It is ALL documented and archived by one of Kimberlin’s present targets, the writer at Allergic to Bull, who dared help a friend at odds with Brett Kimberlin.

Petraeus being floated as a VP pick for Romney?

I find it hard to believe, but stranger things have happened.

The Romney camp is desperate to find a VP candidate that both appeals to the base, like Sarah Palin did for McCain, but doesn’t incur the MSM’s derision. Good luck with that!

What Romney has to realize is that it doesn’t matter who his pick is, the MSM will do another “Palin” on them. This is especially true if the VP candidate has any level of charisma at all. If the Romney camp doesn’t want to deal with a MSM enema of their VP candidate, pick someone like Condoleezza Rice. They won’t get the charisma, but they’ll get a good and wise, female soldier who’s not “the” white guy…and I believe the base will accept that.

I know I would…gladly!