William L. Garvin: A Topsy Turvy World

Bill Garvin TTW

“No shirt, no shoes, no service”

“We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” Congress doesn’t have to represent their constituencies even though 61% of America oppose Obamacare’s individual mandate. Lawyers don’t have to represent a prospective client. Theaters don’t have to show films they don’t like. Companies don’t have to introduce a new product. Businesses have the ability to succeed or fail based on what they offer and who they seek as a customer base. When I was denied entrance to a restaurant because I wasn’t wearing a coat and tie, I went to another restaurant. When I was denied entrance to a night club because my date was wearing jeans, we went to another club. That’s no longer the way of the world.
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William L. Garvin: How Low Can You Go?

Bill Garvin HLCYG

In the Sixties, a Trinidad dance craze briefly captured an American audience. In it, a bar was progressively lowered to see who could navigate beneath it without the use of hands. Chubby Checker, who popularized “The Twist,” also popularized the limbo catch phrase “How low can you go?” Today’s political activists are plumbing depths that would make limbo enthusiasts walk away shaking their heads.
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Pipe Dream


How many times have you met someone, whether it be at a party, a bar, a friend’s house or a museum? You begin talking and over the course of an hour or so, you click! You understand where she’s coming from and she understands where you’re coming from.
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William L. Garvin: Knight of the Living Debt

Bill Garvin KOTLD

In 1968, a spate of zombie horror films was spawned by “Night of the Living Dead.” Given all the sequels, there are some things you just can’t kill. Given the unlimited state of technology today, there are some memories that you just can’t erase. This is especially horrifying when politicians don’t remember what they used to say and what they used to stand for. It is infinitely easier for bloggers and citizen journalists to research and debunk the errors and untruths that our representatives utter.
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