Boehner’s Bash


I’ve been away for a bit, 2 months or so, and not a damn thing has changed in Washington, D.C. with our illustrious Congressional leaders. Instead of looking at D.C. through the microcosm of the day-to-day BS, I thought I’d take some time off to see if I could discern ANY change. Regrettably, the answer appears to be a resounding NO!

What gives?

Okay, forget D.C. for now. What else can be looked at in a positive sense?

Is Chris Christie combusting?

Has Wendy Davis’s 15 minutes of fame come and gone? Seems the headlines haven’t been particularly kind (for good reason, I might add).

Oh yeah, Boehner’s big bash and retreat in Maryland. What have we learned? The GOP leadership released its so-called principles on immigration reform, which has been all over.

Seems Boehner is as dumb as ever.

Like I said, nothing much has changed.