This blog is the convergence of my feelings about conservative governance in both word and voice. I’m supplementing my weekly BlogTalkRadio broadcast with additional observations on this blog.

My goal is to give my listeners and followers another avenue to learn, connect with similar thinkers, and express themselves in the hope of inspiring them to take positive action in the 2012 election.

Please feel free to comment on a post, a Roderic Deane broadcast, or anything in general, as long as it fits the guidelines of the blog. I’m working to give you another avenue to express your conservative views while providing news and commentary that you might not get elsewhere.

If you’re so inclined, feel free to contact me about posting your thoughts on my blog. I’m more than willing to entertain your thoughts and opinions as long as they further the goals of the blog.

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BTW, this is not an open forum for anyone with an opinion. I only post comments and articles that I believe will further the conservative cause in a way that I deem positive and constructive.

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