Lying Bastards!

I don’t know about you, but I am at my wits end trying to figure out why the mainstream media won’t cover the Benghazi killings!

We have an Ambassador of the United States come under siege and our fearless leader in the White House does nothing? After the fact, no one in the mainstream media seemed interested in what happened and it continues today. Why?

We are watching the United States of America become a laughing stock throughout the world. It’s because our so-called, national media is coddling a Commander in Chief who is nothing but!

Hurricane Sandy is the Mainstream Media’s Dream!

Don’t get me wrong. I have friends on the East Coast that are in the path of this so-called Frankenstorm. We want to make sure that they’re safe and sound as the storm comes ashore.

However, it appears to me that the mainstream media is going overboard in its coverage of this event. How better to deflect from the issue of Benghazi than by covering a storm. A storm!

Well, I tell you what. There’s going to be a huge storm come Election Day!

Earn Your Trident Every Day…

This is an excellent post and I reprint it here by express permission of ScottOnCapeCod’s Weblog.

About the two Navy Seals killed in Libya:

Quite an astounding tribute to the courage and bravery of the two former Navy Seals that went to the aid of Ambassador Stevens and Embassy staff. Courageous!

Recently I was teaching a class in my church on the biblical character, Joshua. You remember him – he’s the one who took over for Moses to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. God made several promises to Joshua in the opening verses of this book of the Bible named after him. Three times God instructs Joshua to “be strong and courageous.” In fact, one of those times God instructed him to be “very courageous.” The road ahead was a tough one and Joshua would need to be up to the task.
The news has been full of the attacks on our embassies throughout the Muslim world, and in particular, the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others in Benghazi , Libya . However, apart from the shameful amount of disinformation willingly distributed by the Main Stream Media and the current administration, there’s a little known story of incredible bravery, heroics, and courage that should be the top story of every news agency across the fruited plain.
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Polls, Polls and More Polls

Poll watching is a major past-time amongst the lamestream media. Up until a few weeks ago, most national pollsters (Rasmussen being the main exception, as I’ll explain in a bit) based their polling on “registered” voters, the largest potential population of voters. What is more telling, however, is the population of “likely” voters. These voters have shown a pattern of participating in the majority of past elections, including primaries. Rasmussen has consistently polled likely voters. Gallup, on the other hand, has been promoting polls of registered voters up until a few weeks ago. They’ve recently shifted to likely voters.

Here are Rasmussen’s polling results, which are based on a three-day, rolling average.

On the other hand, here are Gallup’s results for registered voters, which we’ve been seeing over the last several months.
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As the Rope Swung….

I might be pushing a metaphor beyond its intent, but after watching this video, I’m not so sure.

My thoughts go to an event when I was in college. There was a bridge in rural Indiana that was said to have been used to hang criminals. I took a “date” to this spot in the dark of night and pulled my car onto the middle of the bridge, stopped, and turned off the engine. I told her “If you listen real hard, it’s been said that you can hear the criminal swinging at the end of the noose.” That was the legend.

As incredible as it may sound, I happened to push in on the clutch and heard a squeak. Not one to miss an opportunity, I continued to push the clutch pedal in and out, recreating the sound of something swinging from the metal infrastructure of the bridge, in the silence of the night. Needless to say, my date was horrified to think that the legend was true! She implored me to leave immediately, not wanting to experience anything further. I obliged, retreating to the friendly confines of our home neighborhood. Reassurance and necking ensued, but that’s another story….
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In The Future

As life hits us head on and unrelentingly, I find myself pulled to family. I’ll be attending my mother’s 90th birthday next week and must travel from Texas to Indiana to do so. While her health has been good, it’s starting to fail as she is challenged with obstacles that age cannot easily overcome.

While I am an optimist, there is an underlying truth. Our time on this earth is limited and, although we might experience a longevity uncommon to most, we still must reconcile ourselves to the inevitable.

My thoughts go back to centuries past, when our travels took us far and beyond our place of birth. Back then, it might have been years before we learned of a loved one’s passing. Today, we’re alerted to all things instantly and within an airplane’s ride back home, assuming we’re all well within the confines of our country.

What about the soldier that toils on lands far away? Do they have the ability to jump on an airplane at a moments notice to attend to a dying relative? Of course not. Their commitment is to the future of us all and to secure the liberties that give us the ability to render our country a short trip home.

We must never forget what is important, which is the future of our freedom and that of our countrymen. In sacrificing for that, we will find eternal life and can always expect to see our loved ones again in Paradise!

My BlogTalkRadio show will skip over next week, as I attend to my Mom. My blogging might be diminished as well. I’ll be back in the future, however.