Rally of the Cliff Divers

Not being one for taking a lot of physical risks, I’m still considering taking the dive. After all, the very worse that could happen is that I die. Would it be painful? Maybe. Would it be brief? Definitely. Would it be considered suicide? Not if I expected to live when I leaped.

We see so much hand-wringing about the so-called fiscal cliff. My thought is to go for it and take the leap. What could possibly happen that is any worse than what we’ll be left with if we don’t?

William L. Garvin: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

“Aint got no place to lay your head,
somebody came and took your bed,
don’t worry, be happy
the landlord say your rent is late,
he may have to litagate,
don’t worry, be happy…

Bob Marley

There is only one president in USA history that has presided over a budget with a trillion dollar deficit. That is Barack H. Obama. He has the ignominious record of now having accomplished that feat four years in a row. It is very likely that he will make it eight years in a row at his current pace. Since the national debt was $10.6 trillion when he took office and now stands at $16.3 trillion, we can project him leaving office with America over $20 trillion in arrears! He will have outspent George Bush by over two to one! Don’t worry, be happy.
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Obama: Cold-Hearted Revolutionary

Rush, as usual, nails Barry’s view of the latest, dismal employment numbers:

I played some sound bites from the president an hour ago. He went to the microphones in the White House an hour ago, right at the beginning of this program, and I have to tell you, what we saw today, in Obama’s media appearance and his statement, is a cold-hearted man. I mean this, cold-hearted. We saw a president who is spinning the worst economic recovery numbers in modern history. We didn’t see any compassion. We didn’t see any concern. We didn’t see any caring. We saw a cold, calculating president spinning what is disastrous news into a way that he can benefit from.

There’s nothing in this economic news that ought to benefit anybody. There is nobody anywhere in the United States government who is an architect of this who ought to benefit an iota from what they have done and what they are doing. There is nobody in this regime, nobody in this administration who deserves to benefit from this. And yet here is our cold-hearted, calculating young president showing no compassion whatsoever for the people of this country who are really suffering from his policies. The people in this country who are suffering are doing so because of him, because of his policies.

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GOP Governors having success against unemployment

As the results of the 2010 GOP pick up of governorships start to manifest themselves in job creation, we begin to see a pattern emerge. It seems that Tea Party backed conservative Governors are doing a better job than their Democrat Party counterparts.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Voters in 17 states elected new Republican governors in November 2010. This new breed of fiscally-conservative, tea party-supported Republican governors took office in January 2011. Here is how those states have fared since then, in terms of their unemployment rates:

Kansas – 6.9% to 6.1% = a decline of 0.8%

Maine – 8.0% to 7.4% = a decline of 0.6%

Michigan – 10.9% to 8.5% = a decline of 2.4%

New Mexico – 7.7% to 6.7% = a decline of 1.0%

Oklahoma – 6.2% to 4.8% = a decline of 1.4%

Pennsylvania – 8.0% to 7.4% = a decline of 0.6%

Tennessee – 9.5% to 7.9% = a decline of 1.6%

Wisconsin – 7.7% to 6.8% = a decline of 0.9%

Wyoming – 6.3% to 5.2% = a decline of 1.1%

Alabama – 9.3% to 7.4% = a decline of 1.9%

Georgia – 10.1% to 8.9% = a decline of 1.2%

South Carolina – 10.6% to 9.1% = a decline of 1.5%

South Dakota – 5.0% to 4.3% = a decline of 0.7%

Florida – 10.9% to 8.6% = a decline of 2.3%

Nevada – 13.8% to 11.6% = a decline of 2.2%

Iowa – 6.1% to 5.1% = a decline of 1.0%

Ohio – 9.0% to 7.3% = a decline of 1.7%

Every single one of these 17 states has seen its unemployment rate decline since January 2011. Three of them have had unemployment drop by more than 2% (Michigan, Florida, and Nevada). The average drop in the unemployment rate in these states was 1.35%. For a comparison, in January 2011 the U.S. national unemployment rate stood at 9.1%. It is currently 8.2%, meaning that the national unemployment rate has declined by just 0.9% since then. Based on these percentages, it can be said that the job market in states with new Republican governors is improving a full 50% faster than the job market nationally.

Hat tip: Breitbart.com