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An item that has captured the interest of both the left and the right this week has been the RNC’s so-called “autopsy” report”. This report is an examination (from the RNC’s standpoint) about what went wrong for the Republican Party in 2012. The minute I heard about it I knew what it was going to say and I knew I would be unimpressed. Why?

As I wrote in a post last week, The GOP’s Shiny, New Object, this was all bound to be just more of the same. As details of the report have now been released, my initial thoughts have been born out. What’s most significant about the report is not so much as what’s in it, but what’s not.
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The GOP’s Shiny, New Object

Upside down GOP

Color me skeptical, but Reince Priebus is set to announce a new GOTV initiative in the aftermath of CPAC.

In an article appearing on Roll Call,

The effort will be directed by the RNC’s political department, under the supervision of political director Chris McNulty and a full-time state party director — a new committee position created as part of the get-out-the-vote overhaul. The modernized national field operation will focus on improving voter registration, identification and turnout through a “bottom-up” approach that reinvigorates the party organization at the precinct, congressional district and state levels.

So, who is Chris McNulty? According to the article, he previously served in Speaker John A. Boehner’s political operation. Does that not evoke a lot of confidence in you?

There is only one point made in the article that I can fully embrace. The very last bullet point reads as follows (emphasis mine):

And we have to find new voters so we will set target registration goals with state parties and hold them accountable. The RNC will invest in a mobile voter registration program. And we will encourage our friends and allies in outside groups to significantly invest in voter registration as well.

Folks, the last thing we should do is rely on the RNC to get it right. Yes, we do need to look at investing in our own voter registration effort.

One last word about Roll Call. Here is their headline about Romney’s speech to CPAC: About Romney’s Hero’s Welcome at #CPAC2013. By what definition can Romney be called a hero in any political sense?