The Simplicity of Governance

We have all been taught that governance is a “civic” duty performed by well-intentioned individuals that stand in place for the electorate. On a federal level, we codified the means of governance in our founding documents. The principles contained therein were debated over many days in Philadelphia during a very hot summer in 1787, with NO AIR CONDITIONING! Can you even imagine that?

Our elected leaders swear fealty to the principles contained in our founding documents. In addition to the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence forms a framework for federal governance.

What should be a simple template of principles has become a vast nightmare of abomination and obstruction. But there is one thing present to make all things right and that is a free election. We are free to choose whomever we wish to perform the governance that we ordain by our acceptance of the Constitution. But is that enough?

As an educated voter, we have a responsibility to make sure that those vying for our vote are true to the principles that we expect them to follow. The only way to determine that is through both word AND deed. Those two things cannot be separated. Our vote should never be based on word only, because human history has shown us that words alone can mislead. It is only when those words are compared to a candidate’s deeds that we can understand his or her true fealty to our principles of governance.

We are now seeing the results of voting on the basis of words and not deeds. Barack Obama has not exhibited an acceptance of our principles of governance in his deeds. He has exhibited quite the opposite by ignoring a number of basic principles laid out in our founding documents. The list of transgressions are numerous and I will not attempt to go into all of those in this post.

Suffice it to say that we must make sure that the next election is about both words AND deeds. Governance is not the same as legislating. Writing the US Constitution was one thing. Governing by its principles was another. We need someone that has shown the ability to govern with our agreed-to principles in mind. To date, I can only think of a handful of individuals that have governed in a way that is true to the principles of our Constitution. Amongst this handful of individuals stands Sarah Palin. She has already demonstrated the willingness to govern based on the principles of our founding.

As a litmus test, experience and deeds are HUGE in deciding who should be the next President of the United States. Never again should we base our vote on only words, because Barack Obama has shown us that his words do not translate into deeds that demonstrate fealty to our governing principles.

While watching the NFL playoffs……

As I hunkered down on the couch to watch the NFL Conference playoffs, I made the mistake of tuning in too early. After watching an hour of pre-game blather, I drifted off to sleep, as was my wont to do during the regular season….

I was awakened by a knock on the door.

Startled, I rose up from the couch as my dogs barked incessantly at an impending visit. Always a challenge, I stood before the front door, using my feet to keep the dogs away as I opened the door to step outside to address my visitor(s).

To my surprise, I was confronted by two uniformed men, one of which held out an ID badge while telling me that they were from the Treasury Department. OMG (I thought), the IRS is after me. “Why are you here?” I asked politely.

“Sir, we are here to confiscate the guns that you purchased and registered back in 2011. You have not turned over those guns to our local office as required by law.”

“What law are you referring to?”

“Sir, I am referring to the Handgun Confiscation Act passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama.”

“Oh that?” I offered. “I thought that act was in direct defiance of the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution and is currently being litigated by, well, everyone. Didn’t a judge in Virginia issue an injunction barring the U.S. Government from enforcing that law?”

“Yes sir, but our records indicate that you have purchased two handguns within the last 2 years and in accordance with the Executive Order issued last month in response to the Virginia injunction, we are here to confiscate your weapons now.”

“Out of my cold, dead hands” I muttered.

“Sir, what did you say?”

“Excuse me” I replied, “but I’m watching the NFL play-offs and you are not welcome here. You’ll have to supply me with a court order to enter my residence. Good bye!” I backed into my house and closed the door, locking it as I sprinted to the bedroom to retrieve my Glock.

Upon reaching my gun safe, I heard a loud pounding on the door, accented by the dogs’ incessant barking which continued to escalate with each resounding thud. By the time I had my Glock in hand and re-entered the living room, a final blow broke open the door. To the agents outside, the dogs were easy picking, but the dogs’ rush out the front door backed the agents up several feet. As the agents systematically unloaded their weapons on 3 medium-sized dogs, I took aim and fired at the preoccupied agents. I dropped both of them without emptying my clip and approached nervously to observe the carnage outside my front door.

A sudden quiet enveloped the house, but I could hear other dogs barking in the neighborhood. I retreated to my house and picked up the phone to call 911. As the dispatcher answered, I heard the announcer on TV say “and the Jets have won the flip, choosing to receive the opening kick-off”. At this moment, I jumped to my feet from the couch, my heart pounding in my chest. I frantically looked left and right, accounting for all dogs, as they lay sleeping in various spots around me. I looked out the front window and no one was there.

I then hurried to the bedroom to check out my gun-safe and realized that I didn’t have one. My guns were all safely hidden in the strategic locations I had placed them previously. Upon returning to my living room, I sat down heavily on the couch, awakening 2 dogs, both of which looked at me with disdain for interrupting their naps.

To what do I attribute this harrowing nightmare that cast a pall on the game and all that came after? Jared Loughner, I thought, and all politicians that scream for more gun controls in light of his killings. I sleep better at night when I know I’m protected by my own steady hand and not one that’s projected by a bureaucracy of idiots.

Obstinate Dissonance

It’s hard to focus on any one thing. There seems to be an awful lot of “things” to focus on. I can’t hope to absorb all of it in a way that I can response. Can you?

Every day there is something new to worry about. Net Neutrality? The START Treaty? What about a billionaire like Warren Buffet telling, well, billionaires that they should pay more taxes? Who the hell is he talking to? Himself? I doubt it.

All these things make me feel very obstinate about EVERYTHING. Something drastic needs to happen, or nothing at all. What harm could come to this country if we just de-fund the EPA, the Department of Education, all unions, thugs and hangers-on? As long as we maintain a strong military, what could possibly go wrong?

We been fed such a line of bullshit about all these needed bureaucracies that it makes your head spin. Weren’t we okay back in, say, 1960? We’d vanquished the enemy in WWII and our economy was beginning to rock and roll. We had a Democrat in office singing the praises of the free enterprise system and yet we ended up morphing into where we are today. What gives?

There’s talk about rolling back the Federal budget to 2008 levels. What the hell is that all about? Why not just roll it back to 1960 levels, adjusted for inflation, of course. I mean, I sure don’t remember feeling like there was anything wrong back in 1960, but what about now? Kids are being brainwashed for political gain to “prove” a point. Why, to prove that they need Big Brother to watch out for them? They don’t know shit, they’re youngsters!

“I’ve got to go, Rock. It’s all right. I’m not afraid. Some time, Rock, when the team is up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they’ve got and win just one for the Gipper. I don’t know where I’ll be then, Rock. But I’ll know about it, and I’ll be happy.” George Gipp

We need a little dissonance on Capital Hill. Check that. We need a LOT of dissonance on Capital Hill. That would make both George Gipp and me very happy.