William L. Garvin: Presidential Petulance and Pettiness

Obama Cry Baby

There have been seventeen previous shutdowns during tenures of five presidents. It wasn’t until the current eighteenth shutdown that we have a president so enamored with himself, his presumed intellectual superiority, and a complicit media bolstered popularity, that he refuses to negotiate in any way, shape or form. He even belies his professed constitutional law proficiencies by unilaterally changing “settled law” with executive orders then relying on a “settled law” argument to dispense with opposition proposals. Even more troubling is his unseemly display of presidential petulance and pettiness that is a national and international embarrassment.
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William L. Garvin: Evolution or Devolution?

Bill Garvin EOD

When Secretary of State John Kerry referred to the use of chemical weapons in Syria as a “moral obscenity,” it was nice to hear him criticizing someone other than our own military personnel. It would also have been appropriate to hear him express similar outrage when Saddam Hussein was using similar weapons against the Iranians and against the Kurdish people in his own country but that didn’t happen. Of course, Kerry is right—it is an atrocity but it just the latest example of cultural devolution.

What do you make of a world when mothers will strap explosives to their children and then send them off to public places to be detonated? What do you make of a world where entire villages will be hacked to death with machetes? What do you make of a cause that severs the head of a journalist and then posts their grisly murder on YouTube? What do you make of the millions of lives aborted each year? What do you make of a group of teenagers that murder an innocent jogger because they were bored? What do you make of teenagers who beat an 88-year old veteran to death with flashlights? What do you make of teenagers who shoot a 13-month old baby to death in front of his mother? What do you make of young boys and girls who beat someone up and then post the video of their assault?
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William L. Garvin: A Topsy Turvy World

Bill Garvin TTW

“No shirt, no shoes, no service”

“We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” Congress doesn’t have to represent their constituencies even though 61% of America oppose Obamacare’s individual mandate. Lawyers don’t have to represent a prospective client. Theaters don’t have to show films they don’t like. Companies don’t have to introduce a new product. Businesses have the ability to succeed or fail based on what they offer and who they seek as a customer base. When I was denied entrance to a restaurant because I wasn’t wearing a coat and tie, I went to another restaurant. When I was denied entrance to a night club because my date was wearing jeans, we went to another club. That’s no longer the way of the world.
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William L. Garvin: How Low Can You Go?

Bill Garvin HLCYG

In the Sixties, a Trinidad dance craze briefly captured an American audience. In it, a bar was progressively lowered to see who could navigate beneath it without the use of hands. Chubby Checker, who popularized “The Twist,” also popularized the limbo catch phrase “How low can you go?” Today’s political activists are plumbing depths that would make limbo enthusiasts walk away shaking their heads.
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William L. Garvin: Knight of the Living Debt

Bill Garvin KOTLD

In 1968, a spate of zombie horror films was spawned by “Night of the Living Dead.” Given all the sequels, there are some things you just can’t kill. Given the unlimited state of technology today, there are some memories that you just can’t erase. This is especially horrifying when politicians don’t remember what they used to say and what they used to stand for. It is infinitely easier for bloggers and citizen journalists to research and debunk the errors and untruths that our representatives utter.
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William L. Garvin: Obamacare is Unworkable, Unaffordable, and Unloved


In the pantheon of pathetic, political pontification, the Pelosi pronouncement “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” is prominent. It was entirely predictable that a government health care leviathan, cobbled together in the dark of night behind closed doors, would turn out to be an incorrigible Frankenstein monster. Remember all the broken presidential promises? It was supposed to be “cost neutral” at $898 billion. Latest estimates are that it will cost $2.6 TRILLION over the next decade! On top of that, President Obama dictates an unconstitutional delay of the employer mandate that will cost an additional $12 billion next year alone.
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William L. Garvin: Political Correctness and National Suicide

“The goal of political correctness is rigid conformity in thought and deed. It is as if the reins of culture have been turned over to zealots who are now bullying society down the chute toward ideological purity. They are the new moralizers, and while they don’t wear clerical garb, they behave like a secular Taliban in how they condemn, mock, ridicule and shame all who challenge their orthodoxy.” – Dan Weber

Faces of Terrorism

There is an interesting confluence of forces in our culture. On one hand, we are seeing a hypersensitive percentage of our American citizenry that feels entitled to live a life free of challenges to their individual worldview or belief systems. At the same time, an increasingly permissive legal system encourages and conspires in promoting an increasingly litigious society. This combustible combination results in quasi-extortion by well funded activists and effectively resembles a planned economic assault on the rights and privileges of the majority. In effect, we have a tyranny of the minority and sometimes, an exceedingly small minority.
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William L. Garvin: Wild Jokers Playing Race Cards

Wild Jokers

First the police in Sanford investigated the shooting and declined to make an arrest. Then the local district attorney declined to prosecute based on the evidence. Then the leviathan of government oppression arose. First, President Obama, who infamously noted the Cambridge cops “acted stupidly” when he admitted he didn’t know the facts, opined that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. From that point forward, George Zimmerman was dealt joker after joker after joker and they were all playing the race card.
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William L. Garvin: Sad But Not Surprising

There was nothing surprising when President Obama snipped that he wouldn’t scramble jets for “a twenty-nine year old hacker.” After all, he wouldn’t scramble jets when Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were about to be murdered in Benghazi. As far as we know, the Commander in Chief was “missing in action” for nearly all the terrorist assault. When the going gets tough, some go to bed. Or they go yachting. During the Egyptian coup, John Kerry denied he was aboard his yacht but the pictures say otherwise. If you lie about the little things, you’ll lie about the big things. No wonder there is so little trust in this government.

Equally sad but not surprising is that a police chief in Mexico was killed earlier this year with one of the weapons that Eric Holder gun walked to drug cartels in his “Fast and Furious” fiasco. According to Mexican officials, over 200 other Mexican nationals have been murdered with these same weapons.
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William L. Garvin: Bullies in the Pulpit

109th U.S. Congress Sworn In

“I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me, God.”

Somewhere along the line, that oath of office was lost. When the Defense of Marriage Act was enacted—affirmed by 85 Senators, 342 Representatives, and signed into law by William Jefferson Clinton, it became the law of the land. President Obama and his Attorney General chose to ignore Congress and refused to defend the law. Governor Jerry Brown swore a similar oath of office which adds the Constitution of the State of California. Over 7 million voters in California (52.24% of the votes cast) defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Governor Brown and his Attorney General ignored the voters and refused to defend the law and the Constitution. No matter where you stand on the issue, it should cause you great concern when bullies are elected to the pulpit, forsake their elected responsibilities, and run roughshod over their constituencies.
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