William Garvin: Perception is Not Reality


Contemporary mainstream media strikingly resembles a carnival Fun House where every mirror distorts every image. The model is predictable: liberals are lionized; Blacks are beatified; Caucasians are vilified; and conservatives are crucified. The incessant media drum beat around Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman epitomizes this. Unfortunately, it is also a sad commentary on “low information voters,” their lack of knowledge, and illogical conclusions.
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William L. Garvin: Wild Jokers Playing Race Cards

Wild Jokers

First the police in Sanford investigated the shooting and declined to make an arrest. Then the local district attorney declined to prosecute based on the evidence. Then the leviathan of government oppression arose. First, President Obama, who infamously noted the Cambridge cops “acted stupidly” when he admitted he didn’t know the facts, opined that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. From that point forward, George Zimmerman was dealt joker after joker after joker and they were all playing the race card.
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Gene’s Nickle: Right to Work

Friends and Family,

17 December, 2012

I was listening to a radio talk show, and the topic was about the new legislation from Michigan State making it a right-to-work state. A union supporter was railing against the “travesty” of this new law. He tried to make the point that workers didn’t have to “join” a union if they didn’t want to; they just had to “pay their dues.”
Therein is the crux of this controversy: money.
I am convinced that the best years of labor unions are behind us, moreover behind them. Unions don’t exist today to benefit workers; they exist to perpetuate the union’s existence. If we substitute “labor unions” for “bureaucracy,” then Oscar Wilde would be correct twice:
“The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.”
Since most of the issues that labor unions have fought for — shortened work weeks, work place safety, minimum wages, and child labor restrictions — have become federal or state laws, labor unions face the reality that they are outdated or possibly obsolete. In order to maintain a semblance of relevance, they have had to escalate their demands to the point of irrationality.
Organized Labor is now faced with the difficult task of convincing rational citizens that unions still have sensible goals. So, they are limited to the persuasion tactics of force and violence. One only has to look at the malicious destruction of Wisconsin’s capitol building by unionized teachers in 2010, the Longshoremen’s shameful demolition of the ports in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, in September of 2011, or more recently the malevolent conduct of union workers in Lansing, Michigan.
Unfortunately, Labor Unions have actually been encouraged to violent and disreputable behavior by the U.S. Supreme Court. According to the National Institute for Labor Relations Research:
“… federal authorities are also hamstrung by the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Enmons decision. In the 1973 ruling, the High Court held that union officials may destroy property, assault employees, and even murder them, while escaping prosecution under federal extortion laws, so long as such violence is undertaken to secure what the Supreme Court called “legitimate” objectives, such as wage increases.”(Emphasis mine)
In addition, the blatant funneling of union dues to one political party has produced an indispensible, symbiotic relationship to the Democrats. The unions provide vast sums of cash, bussed-in rally attendees, and unlimited “volunteers” to Democrat campaigns, and grateful, leveraged, elected officials propose and pass laws that protect and mandate union membership, which really means dues withholding.
According to the Wall Street Journal:
“government unions in the Badger State [Wisconsin] have “experienced a dramatic drop in membership” since [Governor] Walker and GOP lawmakers passed a package of reforms last year, including ones curbing collective-bargaining rights and ending mandatory union membership.
Labor unions are being crippled by the elimination of automatic dues withholding, a practice that had enriched the unions’ coffers. Thousands of state workers are simply refusing to contribute; others are leaving public-sector jobs.”
That sounds sweet indeed!
That’s my nickle
Gene Brown