Gene’s Nickle: Teachers and Guns

I would like to see a cadre of lawyers go to Newtown, Connecticut, and bring charges against the school district and possibly the town manager for not protecting those treasured children.

I think a very strong argument can be made that the school district and the state of Connecticut not only failed to protect those children, but their Liberal ideas and policies ensured that children would perish.

In his book “More Guns, Less Crime; Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws third edition;” Economist Dr. John Lott Jr. studied the crime of every county in America over a period of 29 years, and demonstrated that those states with concealed carry laws experienced lower crime rates. In addition, states that recently adopted concealed carry laws, since his first edition, have seen reductions in crime.

In 1993, Dr. Gary Kleck conducted a survey of 2,000 American households about guns. Some of his more significant findings are that:

“For every use of a gun to commit a crime, there are three–to-four cases of guns being used in self-defense of a crime.”
“A quarter of the incidents of self-defense occurred away from the home.”

“The Brady Bill, the most important piece of federal gun control legislation in recent decades, has had no statistically discernible effect on reducing gun deaths, according to a study by Philip J. Cook, a Duke University professor of public policy, economics and sociology.”*

Along with the empirical data, there are also innumerable national news stories of citizens repelling home invaders, protecting private property, and saving the lives of loved ones legally with firearms. So, it is nonsensical that any state wouldn’t embrace the concept of concealed carry to protect our children, even in schools, no, especially in our schools.

Logically, the only ones we can count on to obey the foolishness of “gun free zones” are law-abiding citizens. The reality is that, by definition, individuals with a criminal intent are going to ignore the rules and be drawn to these “gun free zones,” because the danger to the shooters will be minimal.

According to the Hartford Courant, the principal and many of the teachers behaved in a heroic manner, and instinctively sought to protect their charges. Unfortunately, the only items they had to defend themselves with were a public address system and an appeal to the shooter’s non-existent good nature.

I would that Dawn Hochsprung, Mary Sherlach, and Victoria Soto had attended a concealed carry class and been allowed to brandish their weapons of choice. Coupling their instinctive desire to protect those kids with rudimentary weapons training, the outcome at Sandy Hook Elementary would have been significantly different.

I know that no action, legal or otherwise, will ever bring those innocents back to their loving families, but it is obvious that the current policies failed. Wisdom would dictate that school districts review the information available rationally, and develop new policies that will actually save children in the future.

That’s my nickle

Gene Brown

*M. Marshall;; March 13, 2003