Got Off the Phone Today, Oh Boy….

My Mother and I have established a regularly scheduled call on Sundays around Noon. I’m in Texas, she’s in Indiana and on ET, my being on CT. She defers to my scheduled broadcast of The Roderic Deane Show, which occurs every other Sunday at Noon ET. She likes hearing about it, but I seriously doubt if she’s ever listened. That fact doesn’t matter to me.

What matters to me is that she COULD listen to it if she chose to do so. Lord knows, we’re all busy and my Mother will be 90 years-old this October. I can’t imagine life without being able to talk to her every week, which was interrupted over the last month, due to a serious medical issue.

She choked while eating a hamburger, albeit momentarily. That’s nothing that you or I would write home about, but for my Mom, it was significant. While choking up the hamburger, she threw up violently. This caused her to snap her head back and resulted in a subdermal haematoma on her brain! She was nauseous and disoriented for a few days before my sister checked her into the hospital. She’s now slowly recovering at home and anxiously awaiting her 90th birthday party this October, which my wife and I are planning to attend.

Today was the first day we resumed our Sunday call since her choking incident. I was nervous about talking to her, but to my delight, she sounded strong and voiced a commitment to getting better for her birthday party! Keep in mind, she’s almost 90!

She goes to the Ear, Nose and Throat (EMT) doctor on Tuesday to get fitted for a hearing aid. She complained about not being able to hear the TV, while confiding to me that she was done watching the network news and would only watch Fox News from now on. When I asked her why, she told me that she’s come to realize how biased the network news is. Keep in mind, she’s almost 90!

She asked me what I thought about Clint Eastwood’s performance at the GOP Convention. I told her I LOVED it and she told me she was glad I did, because she liked it too! Keep in mind, she’s almost 90!

We went on to talk about the weather, our alma mater (Indiana University), and I don’t know what else. She ended the conversation by telling me she was getting tired and her mouth was getting dry. I said goodbye and told her I loved her. She said, “I love you too, hun!” Keep in mind, she’s almost 90!

God, I love her so! And, keep in mind, she’s almost 90!