Pipe Dream


How many times have you met someone, whether it be at a party, a bar, a friend’s house or a museum? You begin talking and over the course of an hour or so, you click! You understand where she’s coming from and she understands where you’re coming from.

The problem is one of timing. You have to work the next day and you have significant deadlines to deal with. She doesn’t necessarily tell your what she has to do, so you have to decide on your own…whether to stay and talk or whether to go home.

When the clock ticks down on your evening, she just so happens to excuse herself to go to the Lady’s Room. You wait…and wait…and wait. You don’t want to be cheesy and leave her your business card, so you improvise. You write an extended script on a napkin and leave it behind, hoping that she reappears before you’re finishing composing your composition/manuscript.

You’re hamstrung. It’s not like you’re on a computer, where you can just backspace and erase a misspelling or careless thought. No, you’re writing on a napkin. If you have to recompose, you have to rewrite the entire thing when you make a mistake. Good Grief!

You focus your attention on the task at hand, but you have another handicap to deal with…you’re penmanship. It sucks!

I learned to write cursive with a nun at my side. I swear she also had a whip that she held behind her back, because the slightest misuse of a cursive flourish would bring holy hell down upon your hand!

Since then, I’ve taken to a mixture of cursive and printing. The sad part is that since I’ve spent so much time on a computer, hitting keys to convey my thoughts, my penmanship has gone to hell.

My thoughts return to the here and now. Is she trying to wait me out so I leave, or is she truly busy in the Lady’s Room? Hard to say.

I finish my third edition napkin note and bail. I was starting to slur my words anyway, so, best to leave.