Gene’s Nickle: Obama Care Repeal

I am convinced that Obama Care is an abomination. I have had this thought since it was working its way through Congress. Obama Care is and was a huge tax on every citizen of America. It laid the ground work for a systematic and progressive erosion of individual liberties and freedoms, and was the largest governmental power grab our nation has ever seen.

A large and sustained majority of the nation was and is opposed to the legislation. Yet with hard-nosed determination and procedural sleight of hand, the Democrat leadership in Congress foisted Obama Care on an incredulous citizenry.

In 2010, an irate electorate sent a cadre of Republican Congressmen and Senators to Washington DC. Many first time politicians won election merely by vowing to repeal Obama Care. These stalwarts have held their ground against further Socialist legislation. Unfortunately, they control only one half of one branch of government, and what they can actually accomplish is limited.

The Executive branch of government has demonstrated that the opinion of the populace is of little or no import. President Obama has abused the Executive order, and created positions and policies that are aimed at circumventing Congress. Instead of waiting for the outcome of the litigation of 27 states before the Supreme Court, he moved at a break-neck pace to implement the abomination that will be his legacy.

This tyrannical behavior of a few determined individuals is the reason that our founders created three separate yet equal branches of the government. So, 27 states and millions of Americans sought redress through our third branch of government, the courts. Millions of us were certain that the Supreme Court would finally show wisdom and overturn this egregious law. Alas, we were viscerally disappointed.

It is obvious that we can’t trust the greatest form of government yet devised to the Liberal wing of the Democrat Party. It is a stark reminder that the Democrat Party is no longer the political party of my parents, and that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barrack Obama need to be fired.

Unfortunately, a political party will not learn any lesson unless it is deprived of two things: money and power. If they are deprived of enough seats at the table of power then they might just police their own leadership.

I am convinced that I need to do something different this election. I will not cast a single vote for any Democrat candidate. I realize that some competent candidates will suffer for my intransigence, but I see the Democrat Party as the conduit for this legislative abomination. I see this as the only vehicle available to us, because the Democrat leadership continues to ignore the American people and oppose the repeal of Obama Care.

The Supreme Court has made it abundantly clear that creating laws is the purview of Congress, and electing competent legislators is ours. The Democrat Party needs to be reprimanded, and this November you and I need to make sure that happens!

That’s my nickle

Gene Brown