William L. Garvin: Is Enough Ever Enough?


A few years ago, Dr. Wess Roberts wrote a management primer called LEADERSHIP SECRETS OF ATTILA THE HUN. In it, Attila explored various management principles in teaching his Huns how to become chieftains. Keep in mind that Attila did such a skillful job of organizing a bunch of nomadic tribes into such an efficient fighting force that the Pope called him “the Scourge of God.” Obviously, he had some skills. One of his fireside lessons to his potential chieftains was that “You don’t kill the messenger who brings you the bad news; you kill the messenger who FAILS to bring you the bad news.” It is obvious that President Obama has not read this book.

Apparently in the Obama Administration, messengers feel they are likely to be killed if they bring the President ANY news of any sort whatsoever! Has there ever been a president so uninformed as to what is going on in any of his departments? In the normal government and business world, it is an operating maxim that “bosses don’t like surprises.” In any healthy organization, direct reports are always encouraged to spot potential mistakes and/or disasters and immediately bring them to the attention of their superiors. Not in this one. Somehow, absolute and total ignorance is seen as some sort of virtue rather than a prima facie case of managerial incompetence.

Real or feigned ignorance of inappropriate government activities should not be a shield from consequences for wrong doing. Where was the accountability for the “Fast and Furious” fiasco where the Department of Justice put thousands of guns into the hands of Mexican drug dealers and murderers? If the President was not involved and had no knowledge, why did he invoke executive privilege? Was it to cover up the obvious “inconsistencies” in the statements of Attorney General Eric Holder? Why did the mainstream media bury the resignation of DOJ attorney, J. Christian Adams, when Holder refused to prosecute the sentencing of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation after the case had already been won by summary judgment?

If that wasn’t enough, then we have the massacre of four Americans in Benghazi. The murderers have yet to be hunted down and held accountable even though their identities are known. Furthermore, whoever told our military to “stand down” has neither been identified nor held accountable. Whoever denied the Benghazi requests for security has neither been identified nor held accountable. Whoever concocted the ridiculous pipedream that a video caused the terrorist attack has neither been identified nor held accountable. Remember when George Bush was castigated and publically flogged for waiting eight minutes before responding overtly to the 9/11 attacks? Where was President Obama for the seven hours during the Benghazi attack? His whereabouts have not been identified nor has he been held accountable. No, Jay Carney, it was not a long time ago and yes, Hillary, it does make a difference.

If that wasn’t enough for loyalist lemmings, now we have the IRS admitting they targeted the Tea Party and conservative groups. Not enough? They targeted pro-Israel groups. Not enough? They targeted religious groups. Not enough? They targeted private businesses if the owners made contributions to conservative causes and candidates. Not enough? The IRS has 60 million medical records. Not enough? DOJ targets Fox News. Note enough? DOJ targets the Associated Press. Not enough? NSA is capturing and storing phone records for millions of Americans with no reasonable suspicion let alone probable cause. Not enough? John Kerry “secretly” allocates $1.3 billion to Egypt and its Muslim Brotherhood rulers.

However, as Colonel Allen West aptly notes, we did not monitor the Tsarnaev family despite clear warnings from Russia. We did not monitor Major Nidal Hassan’s conversations with radical cleric Anwar-al-Awlaki before his terrorist attack at Ft. Hood. Mr. President, that was not “workplace violence” when the extremist major is yelling “Allahu Akbar”! We did however put the Benghazi video maker in jail where he remains today. Unemployment remains up. Health care costs are up. Food stamp usage is up. Food costs are up and the stimulus didn’t stimulate.

For the low information voter none of this is enough. In fact, nothing will ever be enough. Even Jon Stewart, their “favorite philosopher,” mocking the IRS, DOJ, and the Chosen One, will not be enough. The Emperor will always have clothes; government can always be trusted; absolute power will never corrupt; and they will continue to blindly support President Obama. Being liberal is never knowing you should be sorry for what you are doing to America!