The tip of malice…

All things told, it’s very hard to understand the ruthlessness of the left and how they are willing to cast aside all semblance of reason to enact their ideology. As citizens, we see it so often we’ve become immune to it. We dismiss it with an “oh well”, without fully understanding the depth of their resolve. Any argument against it is deemed “laughable” on its face by our vaunted, mainstream media. Such is the tribulation of the (so-called) right-wing blogosphere.

We are just now learning about the lengths to which the left will go to silence its opposition. Today is “Everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin” day and represents an unprecedented solidarity among right-leaning bloggers in saying “enough is enough”.

Although the subject of Brett Kimberlin is being covered widely in the right-wing blogosphere, it is just the beginning of something far greater. For the first time since I and others can remember, the right-wing blogosphere is coming together for a common cause: the actual DEFENSE of free speech!

We’ve always known about George Soros’ efforts to fund enterprises that stifle conservative speech (Media Matters for America). We’ve always laughed at the ridiculous amount of money that certain “trusts” will give to promote the leftist agenda. It was just never really personal…until now.

As I meandered through my favorite blogs over the last several days, I learned that one of my favorite bloggers was under assault. I’ve been following Stacy McCain’s blog since I first started blogging and the story I read a few days ago sent chills up and down my spine. Stacy was standing in front of the tip of malice pointed towards the entire, conservative blogosphere!

Stacy had DARED to publicize the “lawfare” being waged by Brett Kimberlin and his leftist ilk toward other conservative bloggers and was now paying a huge price. Under the threat of violence towards his family, Stacy was forced to move his family out of their home to an undisclosed location.

I couldn’t help but think “What if that were me”? Would ANYONE come to MY defense?

Screw the bastards! I stand in defense of liberty and free speech at the tip of malice!

“If there be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace…” — Thomas Paine