William L. Garvin: How Low Can You Go?

Bill Garvin HLCYG

In the Sixties, a Trinidad dance craze briefly captured an American audience. In it, a bar was progressively lowered to see who could navigate beneath it without the use of hands. Chubby Checker, who popularized “The Twist,” also popularized the limbo catch phrase “How low can you go?” Today’s political activists are plumbing depths that would make limbo enthusiasts walk away shaking their heads.
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Pipe Dream


How many times have you met someone, whether it be at a party, a bar, a friend’s house or a museum? You begin talking and over the course of an hour or so, you click! You understand where she’s coming from and she understands where you’re coming from.
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William L. Garvin: Knight of the Living Debt

Bill Garvin KOTLD

In 1968, a spate of zombie horror films was spawned by “Night of the Living Dead.” Given all the sequels, there are some things you just can’t kill. Given the unlimited state of technology today, there are some memories that you just can’t erase. This is especially horrifying when politicians don’t remember what they used to say and what they used to stand for. It is infinitely easier for bloggers and citizen journalists to research and debunk the errors and untruths that our representatives utter.
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Texas Spiny Lizard

I was looking at my thermometer and it was reading 105.6. I did a quick check online and DFW Airport, which is only about 10 miles away, was only recording 100.2. I thought perhaps my outside sensor was having some kind of problem, so I went outside to check on it. It’s mounted on the north side of my house so it’s always in the shade. This is what greeted me, although it skittered about 10 feet before I could run inside to grab my phone and take a picture:

Texas Spiny Lizard

What’s interesting is that these lizards only started showing up last summer. They are indigenous to the area, but development pushed them out until last year. They’re skittish as hell and will run for cover if you get too close. I found the following video on YouTube to show you a little bit more about the species.

Needless to say, I haven’t caught one yet!

Saturday Night at the O.K. Corral

OK Corral

Okay, maybe I didn’t spend the evening at the O.K. Corral, but I did do something entertaining. I traveled beyond the boundaries of my home town and went to a party. It was being hosted by a friend that has finished culinary schooling and wanted to show off her skills. The event was called Asian Fusion and we were treated to fabulous sushi and other delights.

BTW, I’ve been to the O.K.Corral. Tombstone, Arizona is quite the iconic location. The trouble is that the actual “corral” is behind high walls, so that you have to pay the price of admission to see it. When you do, it’s quite a let-down. Boot Hill, on the other hand, is open to the public.

So, you’re asking, what does the O.K. Corral and Asian Fusion have in common?

The answer: Absolutely nothing! I just liked the headline to call attention to my friend’s party. The food was excellent!

Thank you Jelayne!