Salted Sorkin Strips

I have a new idea for any entrepreneur that specializes in venison. A great way to market your product would be to name it for one of the most asinine liberals in Hollywood: Aaron Sorkin. Granted, I never did watch “The Left West Wing”. It was far too left-leaning to entice me to watch, but even then, I don’t watch a whole lot of TV serials these days. It takes too much of a commitment and I’m just not that interested in what Hollywood has to say on a weekly basis.

Think about it: Salted Sorkin Strips. It could be the next thing to hang in the grocery aisles next to beef jerky. Only it would be caribou, moose, elk or any other hunted animal that sustains the hunting community across our vast country. In Texas, I’ve had excellent venison stew, venison sausage and venison steaks – all supplied by hunters and sportsmen who had experienced good fortune during the hunting season. I don’t know anyone that hunts for a mere trophy. They all recognize the importance of “game” as that which is harvested and eaten.

If not, Hollywood needs to recall some of its vaunted icons, such as Robert Redford in “Jeremiah Johnson”, Richard Harris in “A Man Called Horse” or “Man in the Wilderness”. They all hunted game for food, although they were denied the culinary delights of a Hollywood chef, relegated instead to a spit and an open fire. What about Francis Ford Coppola, who used a severed horse head to advance his script in “The Godfather”? Was Khartoum a mere stand-in, or was the horse head real? How dare the producers suggest the beheading of a helpless animal for cheap entertainment.

So, it’s time for Aaron Sorkin to put his money where his mouth is. Underwrite a entrepreneur that’s willing to put your name on something that could benefit many more than the handful of people that profit from your Hollywood productions. Who knows, maybe there’s a market for such a product in Haiti, of all places. I’d be willing to bet that Sarah Palin would help distribute such a product, if she knew it was edible and not “made in Hollywood”.