Calling all Palininjas

After all the hysterics emanating from the left-wing blogosphere and mainstream media regarding Sarah Palin’s alleged complicity in the Tucson murders, it’s time to strike back. The left has had the mainstream media in its back pocket for over a generation, but this is a new generation. This is the generation of the Internet and all that it brings to bear in the search for truth and in leveling the playing field that is hardball politics.

There is mounting evidence that the White House has been actively pushing the suggestion that Sarah Palin’s video response to the “blood libel”, initiated against her by the left, now disqualifies her from ever again seeking public office. The meme being pushed by various media outlets, including MSNBC, is that Sarah Palin’s response was an inaccurate usage of the term “blood libel” and merely escalated the crass political rhetoric that has poisoned the discourse leading up to and following the Tucson murders.

Even though there have been countless Jewish representatives that have claimed otherwise (see here, here and here), the White House is banking on the idea that most people will continue to get their news from their hand-maidens in the mainstream media. There’s just one problem with that. It ain’t happening.

It’s become quite apparent that the left-wing and the White House will stop at nothing to trash Sarah Palin at every possible opportunity. After all, this is the Alinsky way. After the dust settles on this latest venture into the surreal, know one thing: there’s more coming!

Now is the time for all good Palininjas to come to the aid of their country. Sarah Palin deserves absolutely none of the vitriol that has been thrown at her. I mean, come on! She and her family are the kind of people I would love to have as neighbors. Wouldn’t you?

And as a neighbor that you know and love having next door, wouldn’t you do anything in your power to protect them and keep them close? Well, wouldn’t you?

This woman’s honor needs to be defended….NOW!