Why Champion an Absence of Character?

Our Founding Fathers talked about “virtue”.

Why is that?

In our current world, virtue has become a caricature. It has become that which guided King Arthur’s Court, but now, nothing more.

Although it seems to have guided countless heroes in the past, now, it doesn’t matter so much. If that is the case, why do we have Batman movies? Moreover, why do millions of Americans and countless others overseas flock to the Batman Series?

While it may have started badly, with the shootings in Aurora, believe it or not, it has since risen to the top of the box office, and rightly so. The movie defines virtue…and sacrifice.

Why is such a movie so compelling? Is it because of the special effects, of which are world class, or is it the story? A story based on redemption, courage and…..virtue!

I believe that we long for leaders that are virtuous. Those that cling to the basic premise of our Constitution. We long for someone to show us the way in defense of our lives, our heritage and existence.

Is Obama your champion? Does he have virtue? How does he stack up to this:

Why, instead, are we left with this?

Join me this Sunday, August 12th at Noon ET. I’ll be doing my BlogTalkRadio show to discuss the absence of virtue in Obama’s world.

Gene’s Nickle: Heroes of Aurora

30 July, 2012

I have been proud of my kids since the first time I held them and looked out at the world convinced that no one had ever accomplished this minor miracle before. My pride continued and grew when I could point them out in band concerts, sporting events, and graduation ceremonies. When I watch them today raising their own children, I can get positively sappy.

So, it is difficult for me to contemplate the horror that happened in Aurora, Colorado, without getting choked up.

Evil, cold, calculating, diabolical evil reared its ugly head in a movie theater and turned an evening of fun and anticipation into a nightmare for hundreds of victims, friends and relatives.

Evil robbed individuals and a community of unrealized potential and accomplishment. Evil robbed families of comfort and solace.

Evil also provided a canvas for heroic deeds of good citizens, where they displayed what is still good and decent about America.
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The Absence of Being Present

Being present: a state of mind that puts prejudice, past thought and predisposition behind you to address the moment at hand.

This does not mean that you put skills, reactions or knowledge behind. It just means that you don’t allow your mind to filter an event through past, prejudicial opinions, no matter what they are.

I have been searching for a way to describe my reactions to the tragedy that unfolded in Aurora, Colorado over the last 48 hours. I posted about my embrace of faith, HERE and HERE. Given that I could find no reason for such a heinous act, I had to rely on my faith to sort things out.

Having said that, why do I talk about “being present”? It basically stems from the various reactions of media, politicians,political pundits and bloggers to this tragedy. We are reminded of ABC News and their inexcusable attempt to paint James Holmes, the alleged shooter, as a member of a Colorado Tea Party group. It was quickly determined to be untrue. I look forward to the libel suit that should be pressed against ABC News.
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A tragedy, yes, but a political opportunity?

Last night’s horrific events in Aurora, Colorado should give us all pause. We need to reaffirm our love of family and cherish those we hold dear. Our lives can change in an instant, through no fault of our own. It could be due to a careless drunk driver, a sinister combatant in Afghanistan, or a willful, homicidal maniac in our very own neighborhood!

Life is full of joy, as God intended, and yet so full of sorrow. The sorrow is a consequence to the gift of joy, but God also made us a promise that we would be forever reunited with our loved ones in Paradise.

As we wrestle with the consequence of mortality, we must be mindful of God’s eternity. Through the horrible acts of deranged man, we should be reminded of the futility in attempting to create a perfect world. The perfect world is beyond our human capabilities and only manifested in the eternal joy of Paradise.
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