Axelrod spins “The private sector is doing fine”

An unscripted Barack Obama is just as newsworthy as an unscripted Joe Biden. In both cases, their unscripted comments give us a glimpse into what they’re really thinking. In most cases, what we’re usually left with is the impression that both these men are truly out of touch with what you and I would call “reality”.

Most recently, Barack Obama made the following statement in answer to a question from the press regarding whether or not the situation in Europe was affecting the U.S. recovery:

What’s truly stunning is that most of the online sources I found included the above video clip to provide the proper context of his remarks. His comment that “The private sector is doing fine” is laid bare for all to interpret. David Axelrod, on the other hand, trots out the tired narrative that Obama’s comments were taken out of context by Republicans:

What’s humorous on one hand and worrisome on the other is the great lengths that Axelrod goes to avoid answering Candy Crowley’s simple question: “Do you agree with the President that the private sector is doing fine?”

One final thought on Axelrod’s remark that “We’ve created 4.3 million private sector jobs in the last 27 months…” Any notion that government can create private sector jobs as the result of increased regulation and higher taxes is laughable on its face. In addition, the 4.3 million number includes both jobs created and jobs saved. How the hell do you measure “jobs saved”?

As stated by the Wall Street Journal:

The fair if depressing takeaway from Mr. Obama’s press conference is that he continues to believe, despite three and a half years of failure, that more government spending is the key to faster growth and that government really doesn’t need to reform. This is how you get a jobless rate above 8% for 40 months and the weakest economic recovery in 60 years.

Hat tip: Hot Air