Brett Kimberlin Still At It?

Per The Other McCain:

Brett Kimberlin’s non-profit 501(c)4 Velvet Revolution is part of an apparent effort to destroy Mitt Romney’s online rapid-response team by targeting Bill Murphy, a young Internet operative who has helped improve the campaign’s social-media presence.

In an item posted Saturday on the Democratic Underground site, Velvet Revolution promoted an article accusing Murphy of “fraud” for his role earlier this year in the National Bloggers Club.

Formed in February at the annual “Blog Bash” during the Conservative Political Action Conference, the club honored Andrew Breitbart with one of its first awards and has helped defend bloggers targeted by Kimberlin’s lawsuits and other harassment. During last week’s Republican National Convention, the club co-sponsored a “Blog Bash” that featured former RNC chairman Haley Barbour and a guest list that included Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), Michael Barone of the Washington Examiner, Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express, author Katie Pavlich and CNN contributor Dana Loesch.

You can read the rest HERE. Do you think Kimberlin may have bitten off more than he can chew by targeting a Romney staffer? Let’s hope so!

Brett Kimberlin Served with Discovery

It looks like The Kimberlin Saga® is moving in a positive direction for the defense of the First Amendment.

As Stacy McCain notes:

Did I mention that Kimberlin is a convicted perjurer and so profoundly dishonest he can’t tell the truth to save his life? Did I mention that Walker is suing Kimberlin in Virginia, where the courts are unlikely to be sympathetic to a convicted terrorist like Kimberlin? Did I mention that both Rauhauser and Brynaert have failed to respond to Walker’s suit, so that Walker’s attorney is now moving for default judgments against them? There are just the Neutral Objective Facts, and it is also a Neutral Objective Fact that you can click here to contribute to help the Blogger Defense Team support Walker’s case against Kimberlin.

Looks like justice is about to be meted out to Brett Kimberlin and associates. It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of guys!

Aaron Walker prevails over Brett Kimberlin!

As a follow-up to Aaron Walker’s appeal of the Brett Kimberlin peace order against Walker, the judge in the case has dismissed the peace order for lack of evidence.

The key part of the court order read:

This petition (Kimberlin’s peace order) is denied because: There is no statutory basis for relief.


You can read Aaron’s entire post about the hearing at his Allergic to Bull blog.

This is great news!

A twisted mess…

I can’t convey to you all the ins and outs of the Brett Kimberlin story. It’s just too weird! What I can do is turn you on to Stacy McCain’s reporting. He has done a great job of keeping the story alive. Others that you can tune into are Patterico, Allergic to Bull and others.

Folks, our 1st amendment rights are under assault and the only way we can hold back the hordes is to stand up to them and say “Enough”!

Aaron Walker got SWATted last night!

I take one night off to tend to things unrelated to an online presence and a significant event takes place. I’ve written about Aaron Walker and his willingness to fight back against the “lawfare” being waged against him by convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin.

Well, at approximated 5:44pm ET yesterday, Aaron Walker became the latest victim to the criminal act known as “SWATting”.

According to Aaron, posting at his Allergic to Bull blog:

I was writing when there was a knock at the door. A second knock came and it was very insistent. I went to the door and looked through the peep hole and there was nothing. I said something like, “hello?” and someone firmly said, “open the door!”

I opened up to find two cops hugging the front of the house. They had M4’s as I recognized from video games (see?! They are good for something!) and they later confirmed. They were not pointed at my face like it had been with Patrick. They were pointed at the ground.

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Brett Kimberlin update: Walker fights back!

Knowing that Aaron Walker had been able to obtain legal representation, I’ve been waiting for this day to come. Walker’s attorney, Reginald Bours, has been retained to fight back against Kimberlin’s bogus peace order which effectively curtailed Walker’s free speech rights.

Stacy McCain has been all over this story and provides the current details HERE. Scroll down through the post for updates. I would recommend you get up to speed if you aren’t already.

The Kimberlin story is also tied to the SWATting story, which has gained much more traction. Governor Sarah Palin even weighed in on the SWATting story during a recent speech in Las Vegas at the RightOnline conference.

BREAKING NEWS: via The Other McCain, Motion Filed Seeking Federal Injunction on Behalf of Blogger.

The heat is on…

(Scroll down for updates…)

Listen to Glenn Fry while you read this post.

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As the Brett Kimberlin saga begins to hit the mainstream media (ABC News, CNN, etc.), we have to examine the “heat” that is being brought to bear against the left-wing smear job of conservative bloggers.

Time to Ask: What Did Brett Kimberlin Know and When Did He Know It?

A High Time on the Low Road: Smears Target Brett Kimberlin’s Enemies List UPDATE: SWATting Supect ID’d?

More evidence emerges of Brett Kimberlin’s involvement in Nadia Naffe litigation against me

Bloggers under fire: Arizona conservative lawyer/activist targeted by left-wing Arizona State Bar

I could go on and on and on, but this is a story that CANNOT DIE until the mainstream media focuses on it. Conservative bloggers are under attack and this attack is being funded by prominent, left-wing Democrats.


Brett Kimberlin-associated site “Breibart Unmasked” claims to take the high road


Michelle Malkin brings attention to a new website aimed at taking back the term “Velvet Revolution” from Brett Kimberlin and his ilk.


Neal Rauhauser’s Game Plan Involving Velvet Revolution and Anonymous

Mark Steyn on the Kimberlin saga

As this story gains more and more traction (and attention), it’s noteworthy to point out who, exactly, is paying attention. Mark Steyn wrote a very succinct piece on “The Corner” at National Review Online, titled “Bozo the Jurist”. In it, he said:

Over the years, I’ve faced unsympathetic judges in various courts around the world, but I can’t recall ever listening to such a stream of unjudicial drivel from the bench as that which poured from Judge Vaughey.

You can read the whole thing HERE. Mark Steyn has an amazing way with words!

If you haven’t been paying attention, you can get caught up via Stacy McCain at “The Other McCain”. Beware, however. What you read will be very, very hard to believe, despite the fact that it’s all true!

The latest on the Brett Kimberlin saga…

Welcome from The Other McCain!

NEW UPDATE!!: Ace of Spades breaks the silence…

Ace of Spades HQ
In a welcome development spawning from the Brett Kimberlin saga, Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss has sent a formal letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for an investigation into the left-wing, intimidation tactic referred to as “SWATting”.

This is a great development, but more needs to happen.

You can read more about this issue at the following links:

ACLJ steps up to defend bloggers targeted over Brett Kimberlin coverage

Stand with Ali


CNN Gets Scooped on Its Own Story
UPDATE: ACLJ Joins the Fight!

Defending Bloggers from Attacks, Intimidation, and Frivolous Lawsuits

Senator Asks DOJ to Investigate SWAT-ting Attacks on Conservative Bloggers

Bloggers allege terrorism, harassment from Soros-funded Brett Kimberlin

There’s much, much more to know, but you have to actually LOOK for it. For example, you could check out the following sites:

The Blaze

The Daily Caller

These three sites have covered the Brett Kimberlin story extensively, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, you will find something else to be educated about!

To honor the fight to expose Brett Kimberlin and his ilk, this blog will be joining Ace of Spades HQ in the “National Day of Blogger Silence” and this is the only post that will appear on this site today.


Texas Congressman Kenny Marchant also appeals to AG Holder.

Fox News asks Saxby Chambliss about “SWATting”

Michelle Malkin: Going dark to urge congressional action: Who will protect the freedom to blog?

The Other McCain: National Day of Blogger Silence, UPDATE: Remember Seth Allen

Update on Brett Kimberlin

Stacy McCain has provided unrelenting coverage of the continuing saga of convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin. In a piece posted today, titled “The Profoundly Dishonest Brett Kimberline”, Stacy points out:

In October 2006, a contributor to Democrat Underground discovered Kimberlin’s criminal past and wrote a post asking, “Is it smart to have our cause of election reform tied to a known, convicted bomber?” Alexandrovna posted 13 comments on that thread defending Kimberlin as having been wrongly convicted, secretly exonerated, etc.

What caught my eye in the DU thread, however, was not Alexandrovna’s defenses of Kimberlin, but rather the biography of himself Kimberlin had published — quoted in Comment #15 on the thread — while promoting his band, Epoxy:

Epoxy arose out of the hellish depths of Brett’s time in prison for exercising his First Amendment rights to speech and political activity. Without any trial, Brett was hauled off to federal prison after being targeted by right-wingers who wanted to punish him for being a musician, writing a book and speaking out about politics.

What a sociopathic liar he is.


Hat tip: Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion

Patterico’s Pontifications has further updates HERE.