The aftermath of Sarah saying NO

Monologue from today’s Roderic Deane Show:

It’s been a tough week for Palinistas out there, including me. With the exception of a few concerning comments Sarah made in a recent conversation with Greta van Susteren, I still expected her to jump in to the race for the GOP nomination. Instead, she announced on Wednesday that she will not be seeking the GOP nomination, nor would she mount a challenge on a third-party ticket.

In her speech to Liberty University yesterday, she said:

After much prayer and serious consideration, I have decided that I will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President of the United States. As always, my family comes first and obviously Todd and I put great consideration into family life before making this decision. When we serve, we devote ourselves to God, family and country. My decision maintains this order.

She went on to say:

From the bottom of my heart I thank those who have supported me and defended my record throughout the years, and encouraged me to run for President. Know that by working together we can bring this country back – and as I’ve always said, one doesn’t need a title to help do it.

So, does that end it?

For me, the answer is NO. Sarah released her statement and, at the very same time, joined Mark Levin at the very beginning of his radio show. During her conversation with Mark, she stressed that fact that she will be out there helping common-sense conservatives get elected and doing everything she can to put an end to the Obama administration. I think that deserves at least one, big fist-pump, don’t you?

Entertaining the thought of running for the Presidency has to be a daunting thing, especially for someone who views public service with “a servant’s heart”. I think we can all attest to the fact that blind ambition fueled the rise of Barack Obama. What’s chilling is the fact that he pursued the Presidency after voting “present” on many, many issues. Now that he’s in the Oval Office, what has he done?

Well, for starters, he gave Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Timothy Geithner free reign to write the trillion-dollar stimulus bill, which, I might add, had absolutely no effect on our economy. After that, he abdicated his leadership and allowed Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to write his own signature legislation, which we now call Obamacare. Now, he expects Congress to pass his jobs bill, which is just more of the same spend, spend, spend mentality!

Today, as we witness the protests on Wall Street and other financial centers throughout the United States, we must keep in mind one thing. Barack Obama’s roots are as a “community organizer”, or, better put, a community agitator. He has purposely supported anti-capitalist protests by giving sympathy to their cause, suggesting that their grievances are legitimate. By so doing, he has supports anti-American sentiment in our own country.

The irony of these protests comes with the death of Steve Jobs, founder and visionary leader of Apple Computers. Steve Jobs exemplified the power of free-market capitalism to transform our lives and yet the protesters want to limit an entrepreneur’s ability to succeed. Their stated goal is to strip the entrepreneur of the rewards of his or her success by levying a heavy tax on a company’s profits. In essence, they want to eliminate the entrepreneur’s motivation to succeed. This is complete madness!

To give these protesters a little history, Apple Computers was started in the garage of Steve Jobs with the help of Steve Wozniak. Together, these two individuals revolutionized the computer industry in ways that historians will look back on in amazement. As of the latest reports on the company, Apple Computers employs 49,400 people, 12,000 at their corporate headquarters alone.

If anything, we should be cheering on the entrepreneur. They are the ones who will bring our economy out of this terrible slump, not government.

Having said that, I think we need to be supportive of Sarah Palin’s decision not to seek the office of the Presidency. There has been a lot of caterwauling by a number of her supporters since her decision was announced. The has to stop. As Sarah said yesterday:

“You trust me to be leader of the free world but you don’t trust my decision? Come on!”

We need to trust Sarah now, as we have in the past. I have no doubt that she’s got some plans up her sleeve that will make us all proud.

…and that’s my two-cents worth for the week.

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Peter Singleton
Nicole Coulter
Ron Devito
Stephen K. Bannon

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Waiting for Sarah Palin

Monologue from today’s The Roderic Deane Show:

Sarah Palin told us all to keep our powder dry. Who on earth says that?

Well, no commander would tell their troops to keep their powder dry if he (or she) wasn’t intending to use that ammunition for a specific purpose. Despite our best intentions, we do not know what the commander’s plan is, nor should we. If we did, we could subject it to ruin.

Do you remember hearing about one of the public maxims during WWII? “Loose lips sink ships!” This was a reminder to everyone that they, too, had a responsibility for maintaining our security during the war. Such is the reason we trust in our commanders. Continue reading

The Roderic Deane Show: The Iowa Tea Party Rally

Today’s show took a slight turn away from my normal format as I highlighted several key parts of Sarah Palin’s Tea Party speech yesterday in Indianola, Iowa. For a transcript of her entire speech, it is now posted at SarahPAC.

I was thrilled to be joined on the show by Nicole Coulter, Senior Editor and Author for the Conservatives4Palin website. We had a great discussion as Nicole and I listened to and commented on several audio clips from Sarah’s speech. She was kind enough to call in as she prepared to leave Iowa and head back home with her three kids in tow. Now that’s what I call multi-tasking!

You can listen to today’s show HERE.

What to make of waiting…

I’ve searched through my brain to determine why it is so important to so many that Sarah Palin announces a Presidential bid this month or next. Okay, my brain didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, so I did some research.

What follows is the date that the last 50 years’ worth of Presidential candidates announced their intention to pursue their party’s nomination (not a complete list):

John F. Kennedy (D-MA) – January 2, 1960
Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) – January 3, 1964
George Romney (R-MI) – November 18, 1967
Richard M. Nixon (R-CA) – January 31, 1968
Robert F. Kennedy (D-MA) – March 16, 1968
Hubert Humphrey (D-MN) – April 27, 1968
Senator George McGovern (D-SD) – January 18, 1971
Hubert H. Humphrey (D-MN) – January 10, 1972
Jimmy Carter (D-GA) – December 12, 1974 (a very early bird)
Gerald R. Ford (D-MI) – July 8, 1975
George Bush (R-TX) – May 1, 1979
Bob Dole (R-KS) – May 14, 1979
Howard Baker (R-TN) – November 1, 1979
Ronald Reagan (R-CA) – November 13, 1979
Gary Hart (D-CO) – February 17, 1983
Walter Mondale (D-MN) February 21, 1983
John Glenn (D-OH) – April 21, 1983
Michael Dukakis (D-MA) –
Joe Biden (D-RI) – June 8, 1987
Bob Dole (R-KS) – November 8, 1987
Bob Kerrey (D-NE) – September 30, 1991
Bill Clinton (D-AR) – October 3, 1991
Pat Buchanan (R-DC) – December 10, 1991
Pat Buchanan (R-DC) – March 20, 1995
Bob Dole (R-KS) – April 10, 1995
Richard Lugar (R-IN) – April 19, 1995
Stephen Forbes (R-NY) – September 22, 1995
Steve Forbes (R-NY) – March 16, 1999
George W. Bush (R-TX) – June 12, 1999
Al Gore (R-TN) – June 16, 1999
Howard Dean (D-VT) – June 23, 2003
John Kerry (D-MA) – September 2, 2003
John Edwards (D-NC) – September 16, 2003
Hillary Clinton (D-NY) – January 20, 2007 (Exploratory committee announcement)
Barack Obama (D-IL) – February 10, 2007
John McCain (R-AZ) – April 25, 2007

There you have it. A sample of announcement dates. As recently as Bill Clinton’s historic run to the Presidency, he didn’t announce until October.

I think Sarah Palin can afford to wait.

Straw Poll, Short Stroll

So, the results of the Iowa Straw Poll are in! What did they tell us? In one word: NOTHING!

How Ron Paul can continue to stack these polls is amazing to me. Here’s a guy (albeit from my home state of Texas) that doesn’t have a chance to win the nomination. His past history has suggested that he puts all his eggs into one basket, the Iowa Straw Poll. Yeah!

Moving down amongst the so-called “other rans”, we see Michelle Bachmann shoring up her position in second place. Again, good press for a few days, but hardly meaningful. She has an awful long way to go to achieve front-runner status. The Ames Straw Poll is hardly the stuff of legend. I don’t think ANY eventual Republican nominee has won it. It’s merely a traditional fund-raiser for the town of Ames and, well, more power to them for that!

Nope, we have to look beyond the Ames Straw Poll and examine the other things going on.

Join me on “The Roderic Deane Show” tomorrow at noon Eastern time. I’ll fill you in on everything that transpired today and last week. I’ll boil in down into an easily understood discussion that cuts to the chase!

Lord knows that Ivan (my call-screener) needs bullet points. I aim to please!

It’s a short stroll to irrelevancy and we’ll soon find out who took that walk.

My impressions of the Iowa debate

What I found interesting about the Republican debate is what the “lamestream” media focused on. They didn’t report on substantive policy disagreements, they focused on personality. Perhaps that’s the only thing they know. After all, Barack Obama was elected on the basis of personality. Moreover, he was elected on his ability to plead for “hope and change”.

What I saw of the debate in Iowa was a slate of candidates that were intent on saying “I’m the one that should lead you”. What I didn’t see was true, inspirational leadership as contrasted to Barack Obama. I saw more politicians fumbling their way to a rhetorical advantage over a rival.

What I didn’t see was a clear articulation of the principles of our founding principles. I saw platitudes and posturing, none of which impressed me. It was almost as if our founding principles were “politically incorrect”.

This field of Republican candidates is sorely lacking in the ability to convey a sense of resolve for the American public. I don’t really care about who voted for what in Congress. I want to hear ideas that uplift our spirits.

I want to know that tomorrow is not the end of the world as we know it and I want to hear politicians say that, distinctly!

I want someone to say that we will transcend this present economic nightmare and do bigger and better things, because that is our history.

I want someone to tell me that all “hope” is not lost and that we can resurrect our economy and governing principles to guide us for many years to come. We have been and need to again be the leader of the world in our resolve to advance liberty.

I want to hear from Sarah Palin! She speaks about liberty and freedom in a way that appeals to me. She makes me feel good about our prospects for the future. She has a more uplifting message than anyone else in the Republican field. She make me look forward in anticipation of achievement.

My impressions from the Iowa Republican debate are cloaked in disappointment. I didn’t see what I was hoping to. I pray that Sarah didn’t as well.

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Standing front and center, exposed and fearless

I saw the documentary of Sarah Palin last night. “The Undefeated” will premiere in 10 markets around the U.S. on July 15th and the timing couldn’t have been better unless, of course, it premiered on July 4th, but I digress. This movie will destroy your preconceived opinions of Sarah Palin. It puts her record as Governor of Alaska front and center and gives a very moving account of her rise in politics. More importantly, it gives the viewer a very studied explanation as to why she resigned as Governor. That segment alone will make you realize that your perceptions of Sarah Palin have been misled by the mainstream media and left-wing blogosphere.

She has done what many of us might want to, but are fearful of for sake of being criticized. That fear has paralyzed the elitist Republicans in Washington as well as the members of the Republican “machine” throughout the United States. I was ashamed of myself when I saw the movie and thought back to all the times I acquiesced in the face of criticism toward my conservative views. No longer.

This movie will inspire everyone to stand up for your beliefs and to stand true for the things that matter to you. Don’t shy away from criticism, it is the elitist’s way of governance. Changes are only made by going against the grain of those elitist’s opinions. Our current crop of politicians would have been laughed out of the Constitutional Convention in 1787. I can guarantee you that Sarah Palin would have been a welcome voice and active participant, so true are her ideals to those of our Founding Fathers.

Our Founding Fathers risked EVERYTHING in their pursuit of freedom from tyranny. The very ending of the Declaration of Independence states the following:

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

I ask you, who amongst the current crop of announced Presidential candidates would do the same? Who amongst YOU will carry such a devoted commitment into next year’s elections?

Sarah Palin is an example for all of us to follow. She has endured ridicule, scorn and death threats toward both she and her family. Would you be as committed as she in the face of such disdain?

It’s time to be front and center, totally exposed and totally fearless to prove that we can stand with Sarah Palin! We must not let her fall!

Update: Thanks to Conservatives4Palin for posting this!