A huge opening for Sarah Palin

The debate at the Reagan Library last night was very telling. With one exception (thanks Newt!) the on-stage candidates dutifully responded to a host of biased and leading questions from the likes of NBC’s Brian Williams and the guy from Politico (I forget his name and don’t want to invest energy in looking it up).

Although the debate was hosted by the Reagan Library and staged with the tacit approval of Reagan’s presumed political heirs, it was flawed. Why would the Reagan Library allow two left-leaning news organizations to taint Ronald Reagan’s legacy by providing them with sponsorship for the event? I would rather see the GOP candidates stand on hay bales in rural America and have questions posed by community newspapers! The underlying agenda of NBC and Politico was obvious and absurd! We could learn more about policy positions and personalities if the debate candidates were provided an honest, no-nonsense forum to articulate their positions, without the under-handed agenda of the mainstream media.

In a word, the Reagan Library debate was a farce. It was obvious from the start that Perry and Romney were targeted by the moderators. In addition, I felt that other candidates were given short shrift in their ability to talk about their positions and beliefs. Of course, the exceptions were Ron Paul and John Huntsman, but I digress.

There is a massive effort by the mainstream media to run to the forefront and “agree” to sponsor a Republican debate. Their motives are now obvious: trivialize the debate and steer the debaters into an internecine war.

Sarah Palin has seen through the farce of these debates. By delaying her announcement as a candidate, she has bolstered her appeal in absentia. Brilliant, but so common-sense! The mainstream media has already signaled their bias, but yet the announced candidates are scrambling to gain the attention of those networks. Why? Why?

Sarah Palin is well-served by waiting until the end of September or even the middle of October to declare her candidacy. By then, the internecine war amongst the GOP candidates will be wearing thin on the electorate. The voters will perceive those candidates as “more of the same”. They’ll be looking for something else.

Sarah is playing the media and existing GOP field like a fiddle in the Charlie Daniels Band. She’s just waiting to jump up on a hickory stump and fiddle for the gold. Man, do I ever want to be there for THAT event!