Boehner’s Bash


I’ve been away for a bit, 2 months or so, and not a damn thing has changed in Washington, D.C. with our illustrious Congressional leaders. Instead of looking at D.C. through the microcosm of the day-to-day BS, I thought I’d take some time off to see if I could discern ANY change. Regrettably, the answer appears to be a resounding NO!

What gives?

Okay, forget D.C. for now. What else can be looked at in a positive sense?

Is Chris Christie combusting?

Has Wendy Davis’s 15 minutes of fame come and gone? Seems the headlines haven’t been particularly kind (for good reason, I might add).

Oh yeah, Boehner’s big bash and retreat in Maryland. What have we learned? The GOP leadership released its so-called principles on immigration reform, which has been all over.

Seems Boehner is as dumb as ever.

Like I said, nothing much has changed.

WTF GOP! Let Palin Speak!

I was afraid this would happen and the GOPe would try to freeze Governor Palin out of the GOP convention, with the help of Romney surrogates. But to have Chris Christie as the keynote speaker? Really??!!

That just sealed it for me. Instead of having a strong, conservative voice deliver the keynote, they pick a typical, East Coast, faux conservative like Christie. Further, to hear that Marco Rubio will be introducing Romney, at the very least, the GOP has it exactly backwards.

Folks, we need to double-down in our efforts to take the Republican Party back. It will have no future if it continues to push RINOs to the forefront and make strong conservatives like Sarah Palin stand on the sidelines at the party’s premiere event.

If ever there was a time for the grassroots to embrace rVotes, now is the time. If the GOPe continues to marginalize conservative voices, then I think it’s time to marginalize the GOPe and organize a new party.

As for the election, to me, it’s still ABO. Once this obscene election is over and Obama is shown the door, the heavy lifting must begin.