UPDATE: 1st Interview with the Heaths About ‘Our Sarah – Made in Alaska’?

Apparently, Hannity has decided to postpone his interview with Chuck Sr. and Jr. until later in the week, due to unfolding events in the Middle East.

Join me tonight for what just might be the first interview with the Heaths on their new book! We taped the interview last Saturday and I agreed to honor the publisher’s embargo until 10pm ET tonight.

The show page is here:

The Roderic Deane Show, September 24, 2012, 10:00pm ET

Don’t Miss Tomorrow Night!

Hannity may have scooped me, but my conversation with Chuck Heath Sr. and Jr. will run immediately afterwards. I talked to them for about 35 minutes and it was a wonderful conversation! How many minutes do you think they’ll get on Hannity? I hope it’s a lot, because they deserve to be able to set the record straight.

Join me tomorrow night at 10:00pm ET HERE. It will be a featured show on BlogTalkRadio and hard to miss. In fact, I teased Chuck Jr. about being a partier in college. He sent me an email after the interview and I’ll share that with you during the show.

Be there or be square!

UPDATED: ‘Our Sarah – Made in Alaska’ – Preview

Important update: Due to the publisher’s embargo, I won’t be able to run my interview with the Heaths until Monday evening! The information below has been changed to reflect the new show time.

As luck would have it, I snared a first interview with Chuck Heath, Sr. and Jr., to talk about their new book, “Our Sarah – Made in Alaska”. I’ll be broadcasting that interview on a special edition of the Roderic Deane Show this coming Monday evening.

Join me on Monday, September 24th at 10:00pm ET! I have a great interview lined up and the book is the bomb!

The show page is HERE. Be there or be square!

From “Our Sarah”:

Many people have written articles and books about Sarah and our family. Countless news broadcasts have been devoted to the topic of who she is, what her family is like, and whether the stories about her and us are really true. We can’t vouch for those prior reports, but we can assure you that the stories and events we’ve recorded in the pages of this book are as accurate as memory allows. This is our story and our explanation of who we are and how Sarah came to be the person she is now. Hopefully you will find in these pages the broader context of her life, a context missing from almost everything written about her. The glimpse you will see in this book is that of the real Sarah Palin – the Sarah we know and love…

Letters and Rumors and Chuck Heath, Jr.

Update: Judging from the comments here and elsewhere, it’s become obvious that Chuck Jr. did NOT dispel the rumor of Governor Palin’s reconsideration. I have modified the next sentence accordingly.

News Flash: Chuck Heath, Jr. attempted to dispel dispelled rumors that Governor Sarah Palin is reconsidering her decision not to run for the Presidency.

What follows is the monologue from today’s Roderic Deane Show:

Well, the last eight days have been very interesting. No more than 15 minutes after we concluded the very first Grizzly Fest event, I was busily downloading the audio file and breaking it into 3, one-hour chunks to post on the GrizzlyFest.com website. After I finished doing that, I prepared the Post-Show to premiere on last week’s Roderic Deane Show. When I was finished with that, I was pretty much spent and headed off for bed. I knew I needed to get some sleep before Sunday’s show.

When I got up on Sunday, I reviewed my show notes, made my NFL picks for two online pools I’m in and then starting perusing the news. One of my favorite sites is “Hot Air”, although I must admit that Allahpundit gets on my nerves at times. I saw a post about Herman Cain and allegations of sexual harrassment. I clicked through to the Politico piece, read about a page and a half and stopped. I knew right then and there that Politico was doing a hatchet job on Herman Cain. I turned my attention to final preparations for the Roderic Deane Show.

After the show, I decided that I needed a break from political news and spent the rest of the day watching various NFL games. I’d check email every now and then to see if there was any news about the preceding Saturday’s Grizzly Fest. C4P posted a link to a story that appeared on ABCNews.com regarding Grizzly Fest. It was written by Shushanna Walsh, who is generally a pretty fair and unbiased reporter regarding anything relating to Sarah Palin.

To her credit, she posted an article to “The Note” and described our online summit. Unfortunately, her take-away from the 3+ hour event was a comment from Chuck Heath, Jr. that he would work on Governor Palin to re-consider her decision not to seek the Presidency.

My first thought was “bummer”, that sound-bite did not capture the scope of Grizzly Fest. Then I thought about the old maxim from Hollywood, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”. I was pleased with the fact that at least someone in the mainstream noticed what we had done!

On Monday, the Herman Cain story was the main topic in the political world. I think Mark Levin devoted a big chunk of his entire week discussing it. And for good reason. The disgusting lack of journalistic integrity was on display for ANYONE to see. Herman Cain was assumed guilty unless he would provide details of his innocence. The problem was, Herman Cain wasn’t privvy to the settlement process surrounding the charges.

The feeding frenzy went unabated for the few days, but on Wednesday, something new hit on my radar screen. Dr. Gina Loudon had interviewed Lee Davis on her show and Davis stated that he had inside information that, given the events of the week, Governor Palin was taking another look at getting into the race.


I want to get to the bottom of this. Coming up on the program, I’m going to read a letter that was published on a website asking Governor Palin to reconsider. It’s gotten an awful lot of exposure in the last few days since it was published. Then, I want to get to the bottom of this rumor that was first broadcast on the Dr. Gina Loudon Show. Stay tuned!

…and that’s my two-cents worth for the week.


Joining me on the show today:

Jelayne Sessler – Defending Sarah Palin

Dr. Gina Loudon – The Dr. Gina Show

Chuck Heath, Jr. – Alaska resident, brother of Governor Sarah Palin and soon-to-be author.

You can listen to today’s show HERE.