The Roderic Deane Show: Interview With Dan Riehl

Here is the monologue from today’s show:

One of the things I’ve enjoyed while doing this show is interviewing bloggers. In my mind, bloggers are at the forefront of the information age and providing a huge service in the name of truth. You remember truth, don’t you? That’s what we expected from our newspapers and network television. Sadly, that’s no longer the case with many of the past’s most prominent news outlets, like the New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, ABC or CBS. All have chosen to fall into lockstep with the leftist elements in charge of government.

With the advent of cable, we saw the emergence of CNN and MSNBC, but again, those entries didn’t necessarily raise the bar of our expectations for unbiased news. Fox News was a late entry to cable news and has done the best job of reporting political news in as balanced a way as possible, much to the chagrin of the left.
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This Sunday’s Roderic Deane Show: Interview With Dan Riehl

I’ve been wanting to corral Dan Riehl for some time and finally managed to do it, although truth be told, he was very accommodating in scheduling the interview. Dan has recently upgraded his blog and website to something of true beauty:

Riehl World News

I spoke with Dan last night and will play the interview on this Sunday’s Roderic Deane Show, airing at Noon ET on BlogTalkRadio.

Here’s the show page:

Interview With Blogger Dan Riehl

I hope you’ll listen in. Dan brings a very unique perspective to the history and future of blogging.

Dan Riehl: Damn Right There’s a Rift.

Dan Riehl offers his perspective, which I share completely:

You’re damned right there’s a rift. What good does it do to pretend otherwise? As far as I’m concerned, Palin not being at the convention makes a better statement, than her being there in the form of an empty gesture.

The GOP establishment has spent 3 years telling Palin – and in many ways, us (speaking as a conservative,) we aren’t welcome unless we behave – i.e. compromise our principles to the point where they aren’t principles any longer, but merely political conveniences. The heck with that.

I trust Palin to get behind Romney/Ryan to do everything she can do to help him get elected. She did that in the Facebook post cited, as she hammered Obama. I intend to do much the same thing, support Romney/Ryan every way I can because defeating Barack Obama is the right thing to do for America and for conservatism.

Still, call it the Tea Party, the grassroots, or simply more genuine conservatives, hell, it’s not a rift – there’s a damned #War going on for the future of the Republican Party. And I – and I’m sure Palin – are capable of doing the right thing as best we can in and until November without some slight amount of window dressing to pretend otherwise.

We may very well elect Romney/Ryan in November. I will be ecstatic. But once we hit January and so on, make no mistake, it’s still #GameOn! when it comes to taking on the GOP establishment that hasn’t been doing enough of the right thing for America for decades, now.
I see Palin’s not speaking at the convention as little more than an affirmation of that reality, call it a rift, or whatever you want. So, … so what? I can handle reality better than I can someone blowing smoke up my butt.

We’re not at peace. We get to enjoy a stretch of detente, come together and fight for the best, right answer available for America right now – Romney/Ryan. That’s not a bad thing. But if Mitt, or Ryan, the GOP, or Congress starts up with the usual tricks and nonsense after we win in the Fall, then conservatives have to be prepared to stand up to the challenge of the same GOP establishment we’ve been seriously challenging since the first contemporary Tea Party broke out. And only a fool of a conservative should think otherwise.

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