Bill Whittle has a great new video out the dovetails perfectly with the content of my scheduled show this Sunday, titled “Jimmy Doolittle’s Raid”.

There are many angles to advise us about the impact of Osama bin Laden’s death. Bill Whittle provides his take above. Mine premiers Sunday, May 15th at noon eastern time on BlogTalkRadio.

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Obama wants to shoot the goose

Obama is now on a mission to pry additional tax dollars from the only people in the country that currently pay taxes: the middle and upper classes.

I swear, this guy has no clue as to what drives our economy! If not for the motivation of wealth creation, this country is doomed to failure.

I like Bill Whittle and he posts some really great videos on YouTube. Check out this one. It really puts into perspective the budget deficit and our debt crisis. If Obama succeeds in closing the budget gap by raising taxes, this country will become worse than a banana republic.

After you’ve viewed the above video, check out this one from Paul Ryan.