The Roderic Deane Show: Immigration – Ball of Confusion!

Following is the monologue from today’s show:

There is so much going on that’s it’s hard to keep track of it all. The Benghazi affair has become a complete fiasco and I seriously doubt if we’re ever going to get any resolution on it. I hope we do, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it dies on the vine of our collective consciousness, although it shouldn’t.

The so-called “fiscal cliff” is all over the news. All I can say about it is this: Republicans, don’t bite. Let’s just go over the “Fiscal Cliff”. How much worse can it be than where we’re at today? Obama is demanding tax increases and has put forth nothing in the way of ideas on reforming entitlements, the elephant in the room. Screw him and all the Democrats in the House and Senate. Let them put THEIR proposals on the table first. Why the hell should Republicans?

No, forget about Benghazi and the “Fiscal Cliff”. I want to talk about immigration, the next big thing for Republicans to cave on. The GOP elite seems to think that if they pander to Hispanics, they’ll garner more votes. I don’t think so.
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