I’m not a Preacher, but…

I’m not a Preacher, but I must admit that I’m driven to preach, in light of the Colorado shootings.

Perhaps I’m preaching to the choir, or perhaps I’m trying to convince myself of what I say. What I do know is this: My heart breaks for the families of the victims in this tragedy. It is truly horrific and I can’t even imagine the grief those families must be feeling right now.

While I wrestle with an understanding of the why, I come up empty. That feeling alone makes me look upwards toward God, with the prayer that He has a plan for us. For that, I have no doubt, but I still wonder why.

The evil that exists within mankind is legend. It is no different now that it was 2,500 years ago and it will forever be with us. It informs our resolve to strive for something better, while recognizing that we can never be perfect.
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A tragedy, yes, but a political opportunity?

Last night’s horrific events in Aurora, Colorado should give us all pause. We need to reaffirm our love of family and cherish those we hold dear. Our lives can change in an instant, through no fault of our own. It could be due to a careless drunk driver, a sinister combatant in Afghanistan, or a willful, homicidal maniac in our very own neighborhood!

Life is full of joy, as God intended, and yet so full of sorrow. The sorrow is a consequence to the gift of joy, but God also made us a promise that we would be forever reunited with our loved ones in Paradise.

As we wrestle with the consequence of mortality, we must be mindful of God’s eternity. Through the horrible acts of deranged man, we should be reminded of the futility in attempting to create a perfect world. The perfect world is beyond our human capabilities and only manifested in the eternal joy of Paradise.
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