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An item that has captured the interest of both the left and the right this week has been the RNC’s so-called “autopsy” report”. This report is an examination (from the RNC’s standpoint) about what went wrong for the Republican Party in 2012. The minute I heard about it I knew what it was going to say and I knew I would be unimpressed. Why?

As I wrote in a post last week, The GOP’s Shiny, New Object, this was all bound to be just more of the same. As details of the report have now been released, my initial thoughts have been born out. What’s most significant about the report is not so much as what’s in it, but what’s not.
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So, What Now?

Here is the video of the last Roderic Deane Show. I apologize for the odd audio, but the actual show audio was distorted due to a bad microphone cable. It took a while to diagnose the problem after listening to it, but I’ve since been able to remedy the problem.

This audio was picked up from the video camera. Enjoy!

rVotes: Is the Grassroots Ready to Take Complete Control?

I recently had an opportunity to interview Steven Adler, the creator of rVotes. I stumbled across him by virtue of a mutual acquaintance. As I began to do some research about both Steven and rVotes, I was blown away! This is exactly the technology that both the Tea Party and Sarah Palin conservatives can embrace to effect change in the coming election!

I interviewed Steven on the Roderic Deane Show a few weeks ago. Afterwards, I put together a video to highlight rVotes and provide a little bit of an introduction to its features.

This technology was ready to be deployed by Peter Singleton in Iowa, in the event that Governor Palin chose to run for the GOP nomination. Unfortunately, she chose otherwise, but rVotes should not be abandoned! If we put this infrastructure in place soon, we can empower the Palin movement to follow her lead, whether she’s running or not.

I’m going to keep you apprised of the status of rVotes. I’m working hard right now to get it up and running here in Texas. I hope to develop a template for how to do that in other states. It just takes a commitment!

If I sound like I’m a shill for rVotes, think otherwise. I am not paid by them, nor is C4P. We just recognize the power of the technology and understand that we need to embrace it fully. After all, the Dems have about a 10 year advantage on us!

If you’re interested in helping bring rVotes to YOUR state, contact me through rodericdeane.com by going to this page. A contact form is at the bottom. I’ll do everything I can to help you along. After all, we’re a team. Right?


Robocalling? Yep, rVotes can do that as well!