The Perils of Grilling…

If you’re at all like me, you love to grill out. Being that I’m in Texas, the “grilling season” extends throughout the entire year! Our downside is summer time, of all things. Sometimes it’s just too darn hot to stand over an outdoor grill. You make exceptions for parties and such, but when it’s just you and the family, you tend to go “Chinese”.

Last night, I experienced something new. My wife had prepared some chicken breasts and they had been marinating for almost a day. I had to cook them, despite the fact that she had begun working the night shift as a labor and delivery nurse. Our plan was to have grilled chicken in the fridge, available for future eating.

I went about my normal routine, lighting the grill, heating it up and cleaning it with a wire brush. After completing that, I closed the lid to let it heat up to temp. I had already taken the chicken breasts out of the fridge and transferred them from the zip-lock bag to a bowl, to make it easier to put them on the grill with tongs.

As I sat on the back patio, waiting for the grill to get up to heat, I noticed something I’d never seen before. There were flames emanating from beneath the grill in the housing for the propane tank. I got up from the patio and opened the doors beneath the grill to see a bouncing flame hovering directly above the propane tank.
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