Secure the Damn Border!

Here is the monologue from today’s Roderic Deane Show. You can listen to the whole show HERE or click on the link and listen from the sidebar. (Note: I accidentally referred to Kelly Ayotte as being from Maine in my monologue. She is actually from New Hampshire. The advance notes below have been changed to reflect the correction.)

Border security

I titled this show “Secure the Damn Border”, but I could have said it a number of different way. How about “Secure the Border, Dammit!” No matter how we might want to put it, the sad reality is that Congress doesn’t seem to hear us.

There has been plenty of blame to throw around too, but the saga isn’t over. For now, there are two people in the Senate that I never thought would have abandoned their campaign promises. Marco Rubio of Florida and Kelly Ayotte of Maine New Hampshire were both able to secure their Senate elections by the help of the Tea Party and other constitutional conservatives. So much for standing on principle. They both voted for the Senate immigration bill, in direct conflict of their campaign promises. The Senate bill does nothing to guarantee that border security happens BEFORE any talk of a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.
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