Valerie Jarrett Ties to OPEC-Funded Islamic Plot?

Gary Jackson is on the story:

Let me start out by saying that I hate conspiracy theories. Usually the correct answer to a difficult problem or situation isn’t something elaborate, or sinister, it’s usually quite simple. But the fact is, once you know the players here, you’ll see it is pretty simple, if not just a little sinister.

Most of our readers will have heard all of these names before, quite often in fact. Most know at least part of these people’s history, and know of their ties to Obama.

We all know who Valerie Jarrett is, she’s Obama’s “brain” if you will and a Marxist. She was born in Shiraz, Iran, in 1956, where her father [a physician of great renown] ran a children’s hospital. She has deep ties to murdering domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn.

Please read the whole thing. He provides substantive links to the entire story.

Why does this not surprise me?

Bin Laden’s Alive, General Motors is Dead’s Ben Shapiro has a terrific piece up today. As a play on Joe Biden’s repeated slogan at every campaign stop, “Osama Bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive!” Shapiro makes the case that the exact opposite is true.

Yes, Bin Laden’s dead, thank God. And General Motors is still an operating concern. But in point of fact, the cause for which Osama Bin Laden stood is stronger than at any time in American history, thanks in large part to the Obama administration. And as for GM, it’s not so much alive as it is a member of the corporate living dead, feasting on taxpayer brains while slowly deteriorating, the first zombie company created by Obama’s cronyism.

On the eleventh anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s attack on America, it’s worthwhile to examine just what he hoped to accomplish. He spelled out his goals in three documents: a 1996 fatwa titled, “Declaration of War Against The Americans Occupying The Land of the Two Holy Places”; a 2002 “Letter to America”; and a 2004 video.

In these manifestos, he declared his willingness to die, of course. His goals included:

* “Terrorizing” Americans;
* Demoralizing US troops;
* Weakening and destruction of Israel;
* Unification of Muslims throughout the Middle East via “democratic” establishment of Shariah law in “governments of our countries which act as your agents”;
* Destroying the US economy, especially the banking system, with special attention to the creation of massive deficits – a “bleed until bankruptcy plan”;
* Destruction of American industrial capacity in the name of global warming;
* Destruction of the rich, “who hold sway in their political parties, and fund their election campaigns with their gifts”;
* Closing Guantanamo;
* “Pack your luggage and get out of our lands.”

Eleven years later, Bin Laden seems to have kept most of his campaign promises. Are Americans “terrorized”? It would be hard to argue otherwise when we’re still dragging little old ladies out of line at the airport to be genitally examined. Forget hope and change – we’re now a nation of grope and shame.


But what about the second half of the Biden formulation? Even if Bin Laden’s alive, what about General Motors?

It’s dead, too. When GM faced bankruptcy, it faced it for one reason: the United Auto Workers had contracts that put GM on the ropes. Instead of allowing GM to go through the normal bankruptcy process, though, President Obama tossed $100 billion at the problem — $50 billion in straight grants through TARP, a waiver of $45.4 billion in taxes, $360 million in stimulus, and a huge tax credit for buyers of the God-please-don’t-spontaneously-combust Chevy Volt. Meanwhile, he also forced GM bondholders to take pennies on the dollar while awarding UAW a far higher share of their holdings.

I encourage you to read the whole thing.