Hoosier Pride


Anyone familiar with my back story knows I graduated from Indiana University. The basketball team went undefeated my Senior year and won the National Championship. In recent years, the basketball program fell into disarray following recruiting violations by their then-coach, Kelvin Sampson. The proud tradition of IU basketball went through very hard times as their new coach, Tom Crean, rebuilt the program.

Last year was the first year since the Kelvin Sampson debacle that the Hoosiers appeared to be coming out of the wilderness and becoming a relevant and competitive program again. This year had very high hopes and, after winning the outright Big Ten Championship, eyes were once again focused on the NCAA Championship.

It wasn’t meant to be. IU was defeated by Syracuse last night in their Sweet Sixteen matchup, ending their magnificent drive back to prominence in men’s college basketball. It was a tough loss!

Nonetheless, I want to share a video my son shared with me that exemplifies the enthusiasm that has returned to Indiana University regarding the basketball program. It definitely cheered me up after last night’s devastating loss.

Side note: Why are they called “Hoosiers”? The way I was taught is that the early settlers of Indiana were fairly welcoming when a visitor knocked on their door, calling out “Who’s There?”, but doing so in a much more colloquial fashion, such as “Hoo ‘shere?”