The Absence of Being Present

Being present: a state of mind that puts prejudice, past thought and predisposition behind you to address the moment at hand.

This does not mean that you put skills, reactions or knowledge behind. It just means that you don’t allow your mind to filter an event through past, prejudicial opinions, no matter what they are.

I have been searching for a way to describe my reactions to the tragedy that unfolded in Aurora, Colorado over the last 48 hours. I posted about my embrace of faith, HERE and HERE. Given that I could find no reason for such a heinous act, I had to rely on my faith to sort things out.

Having said that, why do I talk about “being present”? It basically stems from the various reactions of media, politicians,political pundits and bloggers to this tragedy. We are reminded of ABC News and their inexcusable attempt to paint James Holmes, the alleged shooter, as a member of a Colorado Tea Party group. It was quickly determined to be untrue. I look forward to the libel suit that should be pressed against ABC News.
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