Another take on the Cruz-Dewhurst runoff election

I’m always amazed at the “outside-the-box” thinking that conservatives engage in. In a conversation tonight, a fellow conservative told me that they would be voting for David Dewhurst.

“Why?”, I exclaimed!

To their way of thinking, Texas needs to be rid of Dewhurst and get him out of controlling the Texas Senate. Better to send him to the convoluted cesspool of Washington, D.C. than have him remain in Texas to continue to hose up our legislature with his RINO tendencies.

“But what about Ted Cruz?”, I implored.

The thought was that Ted was still a work-in-progress that hadn’t earned his “chops” as a proven, conservative candidate in national politics. The idea conveyed to me was that he could use a few more years of seasoning and then run against our other GOPe Senator, John Cornyn, when Cornyn is up for re-election in 2 years. By then, we will have the infrastructure in place (rVotes) to fully re-capture MORE Senate and Congressional seats.

Although it’s hard to argue with that logic, I’m still going to vote for Ted Cruz. It’s just that I now have a certain satisfaction that I could win no matter WHO prevails in the Texas GOP Senate runoff come July 31st.

BTW, does anyone need a ride to the polls?