Grizzly Fest is on the horizon!

Here is my monologue from today’s Roderic Deane Show:

It’s truly amazing what can happen when you throw out an idea. On this show two weeks ago, I was joined by Stephen Bannon, Nicole Coulter, Peter Singleton and Ron Devito. After a lengthy discussion about what the Palinistas should do do next, Stephen Bannon suggested that we needed to come together and discuss where the Palin movement should go next. I then proceeded to say “…we could be looking at a perfect opportunity…for a good, large, C4P meetup somewhere.”

I didn’t say anything that anyone else wasn’t already thinking about and I’ll bet that a whole bunch of you were thinking about it too. What I’ve learned in my life, is that those thoughts need to be brought out into the open. They are the proverbial “elephant in the room”. Once spoken, they empower others to speak their mind so that you can all move forward, into action.

That show lasted 90 minutes, but it was the last 5 minutes that made a difference. In that last 5 minutes, everyone on the show agreed to discuss the possibility of a “webinar”. We agreed to have a conference call within the following few days. Here is what was said right before I ended the program:

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The conference call took place the following Tuesday, October 11th. Stephen Bannon hosted it and the call lasted for about an hour. After the call was over, we all took off in different directions to explore different possibilities. Some decided to reach out to others about joining a panel discussion. Others reached out to potential volunteers to help with the effort. I left the call with the task of finding an appropriate, online venue for the meet-up we’d all envisioned.

One day later, we all decided to brand the event as “Grizzly Fest”. After investigating numerous ways to host the event, we decided to use BlogTalkRadio. Other options were far too expensive and cumbersome. I decided to purchase an appropriate domain name to host the event. We all continued to pursue our various tasks.

The next day, we were looking at logos that had been proposed by members of the growing team. The creative talent behind this effort was amazing! For me, I went off and acquired the domain main for the event. We had no idea who would host it, but the name “Grizzly Fest” was ours on the Internet.

By October 15th, less than one week after my show had aired, we had the logo and graphics, the basic outline for the event and a schedule that we all agreed to. We had originally thought about a 2-day event, but decided otherwise. We set it in stone for October 29th. We were all concerned about the need to do something quickly before the various Palin groups began splintering off toward other GOP candidates or just losing interest.

Three days later we had our lead-in music, courtesy of a good buddy of mine here in Texas. We had also gone “live” with the date of the event and the time. We were all committed to make it happen. We started a Facebook page and a Twitter account. We branded them with the graphics that had been created just a few days before. Amazing!

As of last night, we had over 500 followers on Facebook and almost 400 on Twitter. And we don’t even have a web page yet! Unbelievable!

Tomorrow night, I’ll be appearing on Stephen Bannon’s radio show to promote Grizzly Fest. The show is called the Victory Sessions and airs on KABC in LA, but you can listen on the Internet. I’ll be accompanied by Nicole Coulter, Jackie Siciliano, Peter Singleton and others to promote Grizzly Fest. How cool is that?

Anyway, I’ve been kinda busy the last few weeks, so I don’t have a whole lot more to say.

…and that’s NOT my two-cents worth for the week. Those are the facts!

I was joined on the program by:

Josh Painter – Texans for Sarah Palin
Ron Devito – US for Palin
Peter Singleton – Organize4Palin
Stephen K. Bannon – The Victory Sessions

You can listen to the show HERE.

Here’s a preview of Grizzly Fest:

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