The unconventional, stealth campaign of Sarah Palin

Kevin DuJuan, from, just penned a great piece in which he identifies 10 reasons why Sarah Palin is running for President. To precede his list, he says:

Last year, I asked readers of to employ their photoshopping magic and deal Governor Sarah Palin into the famous “Republican Presidents Playing Poker” painting (officially called “Grand Ol’ Gang” by artist Andy Thomas) because I believe President Palin will be joining this grand old gang herself in 2013. Governor Palin is the most artfully stealth political strategist of her generation. Her affable, folksy nature and easy smile have fooled opponents into underestimating her killer instincts since the “Saracuda” years when she dominated the basketball court with her guile and cunning. Those of you who’ve seen the documentary “The Undefeated” know Governor Palin’s political career is rife with Cocktail Party establishment types and foolish media “experts” who never anticipated her rogue strategic moves until the Governor had them right where she wanted them (and if you’ve also seen “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on TLC, you’ll recall what happened to assorted ungulates in similar positions on the tundra, right where Governor Palin wanted them too, you betcha). The Governor consistently and deliberately remains three moves ahead of her detractors in a well-played game of 11th-dimensional chess while her opponents fumble with checkers on the sidelines (which more than a few of these yahoos mistake for severely stale and overly crunchy Oreos).

Governor Palin’s gambit in the 2012 presidential race is similar to moves she made in her 2006 campaign for Governor of Alaska, where she not only defeated the Cocktail Party GOP establishment’s darling (Frank Murkowski, an Oreo muncher if ever there was one) but simultaneously engineered her win against Democrat Tony Knowles in the general election (whom I bet double-dunks his checkers, too). All the while, the Governor kept the biased and agenda-driven media guessing what she was really up to, just like she learned to do with her moves on the basketball court and what I’d imagine she’d do in a high stakes game of poker (where even the Gipper himself might very well lose his denim shirt to the Saracuda).

Because she’s always kept her strategic cards close to her vest, the only person who ever really knows what Sarah Palin is up to is the Governor herself (and maybe First Dude Todd, since the two are such an incredible team).

Based on an appreciation for how Governor Palin ran her previous unconventional (yet successful) campaigns for elected office, there are 10 clear clues in her Labor Day speech in Manchester, New Hampshire that the Governor is very much indeed running for President — and is going to yet again take her opponents (in, and outside of, the media) by complete surprise, making fools of the lot of them while giving her supporters the campaign they have been clamoring for (this supporter here in Boystown, Chicago included).

You can read the rest HERE. It’s a really good piece!