Who Are You? (Monologue)

I watched a great movie a few days ago, “The King’s Speech”, worthy of every award it received. It was inspiring to me because of what we face today. Although we face a different kind of enemy than did King George VI, we are still confronted with an enemy that wants to limit our ability to achieve and reap the rewards of that achievement. Our enemy wants to limit our self-determination and supplant it with it’s own definition of the common good, commanding power over us in ways that belie our founding principles. Although we’re not facing the same perils as King George VI did with Hitler’s armies and growing aggression throughout Europe, our current enemy is just as determined. This current enemy is preying on a human unwillingness to dismiss past failings and move beyond those failings to achieve success.

In all our lives’ endeavors, we are constantly confronted with failure. It is how we confront both real and perceived failure that defines us. How do we react when having failed at anything? Do we throw in the towel and ask for government assistance, or do we persevere in a renewed quest to achieve our goals? There can be no government solution to personal failure, for the only solution to such failure must be determined by the individual alone.

King George VI was saddled with a terrible speech impediment….he stuttered and stammered every time he had to speak in public. To his horror, he was thrust upon the throne as the King of England when his older brother was forced to abdicate due to his pursuit of a divorced woman. Even worse, this happened during a time of impending war, when Hitler was rattling his sabers in a very, very big way.

Although succeeding to the throne after his brother’s abdication, King George VI was not in the proper mindset to lead. He thought that his speech impediment was a barrier to successful leadership and one that he was powerless to overcome, having failed over and over again to do so. Thankfully, with coaching, he successfully overcame his past failures. As his confidence grew with each war-time speech, he became the voice of his country, inspiring each and every citizen to persevere throughout WWII and to ultimately defeat its enemies.

We ask for the same, inspiring voice now. We are looking for a leader that will transcend any past failings and provide us with a vision that inspires us to individual success and liberty. It won’t be easy and there are many obstacles in the way, all of which are the result of a growing government’s influence in our lives. Our history should be our guide now as it has guided us through countless obstacles in the past, including civil war. Today is no different.

We are a nation of equals and we must reaffirm our commitment that each and every citizen be given the same ability to succeed and then be allowed to reap the rewards of that success. If afforded that freedom, I believe this country can once again lead the world in human achievement. It just takes the confidence to do so and a leader that believes the same thing.