Lance Armstrong: Pariah or Champion?

I’m troubled. I’ve always been a fan of Lance Armstrong. Despite the fact that he’s been dogged by doping allegations for his entire career, I’ve always been impressed with his resolve.

Overcoming testicular cancer to claim 7, consecutive Tour de France races is unbelievable! That is a feat that no man can claim, no matter if they “doped” or not!

My problem is this: if doping was so prevalent in cycling, why didn’t they catch him?

Every professional athlete strives to make the most of their talent. They’re driven to be the best that they can be. Vitamin supplements and other strength-enhancers are commonplace. They do what they can do, given the circumstances.

I’m not convinced that Lance Armstrong did anything illegal. Yes, he may have taken strength-enhancing drugs, but at the time, they were probably legal. The secrecy involved was to keep their competitive advantage, not to hide from officials. Remember, Lance never FAILED a drug test! How could that be if what he was doing was illegal?