Lazarus – An Affirmation of Life’s Renewal

As our lives mimic one another, I attended a funeral today. A good friend’s father died. I never met him, but I knew him threw my friend. We are all a product of our parents and our parents’ personality. It goes without saying, that as our parents’ go, so do we…

During the service, the minister talked about the story of Lazarus, an uncle of Jesus. As Lazarus lay sick and dying, word went out for Jesus to come and help. Jesus was in a neighboring area, but still quite a ways away by foot. “If you could only come here and help Lazarus, we know that you can heal him”.

Jesus deferred and told his disciples that Lazarus would not die from what afflicted him. In time, Jesus told his disciples that Lazarus was dead, but that he would not remain so. Jesus explained that this was to be a testament to his status as the Son of God, for when Lazarus was healed, so the people would believe.

I won’t dwell on the Scripture, because I trust that you already know the ending.

What the minister was trying to convey was the fact that we are ALL subject to renewal, albeit in the terms of God’s everlasting Kingdom. Our lives on this earth are but a fraction of our eternal lives.

Take heart that He is watching, as we struggle to maintain our God-given freedom. Know that the struggles He presents us are fleeting and only serve to make us stronger.

I fully trust that we will prevail in our quest for liberty. After all, it is what He ordained!